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  • OMG I've been busy! So sorry everyone. Haven't been on here in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. It's just...the band thing is taking off! We actually came up with a realo name for the band (Cool Smoke). You can find us on Facebook if you search by cool smoke reggae. We've moved up to doing more and more shows at better and better locations. Go in with a few local island reggae bands aswell (Positive Vibrations, Steady Riot and 7th Seal....check'em out!!!!) to make the show a little bigger. At the end of this month we go in to record. I plan on updating my profice here with some pic's and videos.
    If you are in the area and check out a show please say HI! love my UU'ers!!!
    Eh everyone! Been playing music out at some places recently. Figured I should post something. We do mainly covers with a few originals. If anyone's around maybe check us out. We play at Josun off powell (se pdx) and o'briens in hillsboro. I've got a 90 sec clip from our last show if you'd like to see what we kinda do.


    If anyone shows say hi. we just started a page on facebook (band name - Undefined) if anyone needs more info on the shows.

    Please email me at dominatoruke at gmail dot com with your request about the tabs and I will respond with the info regarding sharing my work on Jake's material.
    Hey KoPa

    Are you coming down to Eugene for Uketober fest? Its going to be a great time!
    Oh BTW ....."If you don't like my fire, then don't come around; 'cuz I'm gunna burn one down" ..Ben Harper in the MAN
    Hello to all that may visit me. Sorry, I've been gone awhile. Jobless for the time being so i haven't had the time to be on here...looking for work you know. but a friendly reminder that the hawaiian festival in in Vancouver this weekend. I'll be playing for a steel slide guitar player. 30's hawaiian music. kinda cool sounding. hope some of you UUer's will be there!
    Hey KoPa, I just heard that Kingston is in a lock down. There is apparently a drug war going on an a state of emergency has been declared. I just heard it on NPR. Check it out. They say it could go on for a month. The airport has been shut down. I thought of you the second I heard it. I hope you are still able to go.
    One last work week 'til Jamaca! can't wait to repot back to everyone. will post some jamming pictures. hopefully the'll let me jam with one of those reggae bands they told me would be at the hotel. hehe! im so bad. wonder how many people i pissed off doing that before. :)
    Howzit everyone!! Headed off to Jamaca here in a lil' over a week. neva been! so im very excited. and of course im taking one of my ukes. so..i've got all my standards down. same songs been performing for awhile plus then new one that are works in progress. but i was wondering if there were any suggestion as far as bringing some songs to Jamaca. I've gotten alot of "Bob" suggestions of course. but if you have anything you think those jamacaian wud like to hear on an ukulele...please leave me a suggestion. This is open of course to anyone who visits me here.
    Mahaloz! and wish me luck!
    Aloha! everyone! Yes it's Monday...and a slow start at that. Hope all is well. Nothing new on the ukulele front. all im doing is preparing for the summer gigs(the few i actually have). Just resturant and bar work. but its hard getting down some of the songs solid when they are in a lanugage you don't really speak.
    To all that take the time to visit me here, please leave your mark. I'd love to get to know all you ukers better. I focus a lot on the ukulele but still find it rare to bump into another uker. so questions, comments, goofy statements and suggestion are all welcome. at the least...maybe leave just a "hello".
    I live in Centralia, WA, and have been playing for about a year. I've played guitar for a long time so had a bit of a head start with the uke. How 'bout you?
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