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    Experienced Sucker Fooled Again!

    When I buy from Mim, I usually look on line, then call her. Several times, she has given me a better instrument than what the picture showed, and once - after shipping the uke - she told me she had noticed a blem during the setup, and wanted to give me a discount. I asked her to wait, received...
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    CA glue warning.

    I have medical grade CA I use for Halloween prosthetics; also use Superglue (tm) for the winter time dry hand cracks that are inevitable when the RH is 10-20%, or for other annoying cuts (paper cuts, cooking cuts, impact cuts from whacking my had on the door jamb....) Never used an accelerator...
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    Happy Chanukah!

    I am one of Stu's Patreon supporters, but his sessions always happen when I'm either at work, or involved in something. I'm also not a big fan of music via Zoom, as I have to deal with too many on-line events at work. But I still support him, and will watch YouTube videos (Esp. UOGB and UU...
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    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/ We Three Kings Medley Does Anyone Have a Good Arrangement ?

    Here's the one I used to use, I think... Sorry the chords aren't lining up -I did a cut/paste from a PDF file...... God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / We Three Kings [Intro] Dm A Dm A Dm A Dm A Dm A Dm A Bb A God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay Dm A Dm A Bb A Remember Christ our...
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    Get Ready (Rare Earth)

    Very nice - sounded quite like the Temptations version. from 1966... But then, so did Rare Earth's. (Strange when I realize the first version of "River Deep, Mountain High" I ever heard was by Eric Burden and the Animals; So many Soul Classics I first heard done by British Bands...)
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    [SOLD] FS or trade: Ohana CK-450QEL

    I, too, have thew Ohana Quilted Ukulele Concert model - I trusted Mim to pick mine out and set it up - and I love it. I don't have the Ohana case, however; Mine is eiher in a Gator, or a Crossrock Fiberglass... Can't remember which. (Currently covered by a pile of clothing, as I start packing...
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    Carpal Tunnel Surgery:

    I haven't had carpel tunnel surgery, but after surgery for a torn tendon in my right elbow, I was told not to play anything for a week, and then not to strum for another 1-2 weeks but that light finger picking would be OK as long as I didn't overdo it. At 4 weeks, light strumming, but STOP if...
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    Any Way to Print or Save a Thread?

    In Firefox, I went to File, then print screen and when I told it to print, I got this: So it prints...
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    Using CNC To Build Ukuleles - Good or Bad?

    A number of years back, while he was still active on UU, I visited Rick Turner in Santa Cruz and toured his shop. He has a pretty good sized CNC machine, and had different programs for different instruments. They were able to turn out many appropriate parts for many different instruments, from...
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    I'm Easy

    A cross post of my very, very late Season 504 entry - My version of I'm Easy by Keith Carradine
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    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Okay, so I'm late, as I said I would be. Did the video in my car, in the parking lot at a Doctor's Office this morning. A 5-day overdue entry I'm Easy ©1975 Keith Carradine Keith won the Academy Award for Best Original Song - he wrote this for the movie "Nashville". What does it mean for me...
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    Second Look at Concert Size

    When I started with ukes, my now late father-in-law gave me a 1950s Harmony Soprano student uke. I could play it for a bit, but my hands would cramp up due to the small size. Soon, I bought a Kala from MGM, and a Fluke Tenor, then a Cordoba TM20. All very comfortable, and easy to play. I didn't...
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    Price increases

    Among my most expensive ukes are two Donaldsons (One a custom build, one Bradford built on spec), a National Triolian I am the third owner of (And the prior two owners are UU members), a Timms I bought practically unused on eBay when I couldn't get a new one for love nor money, and my KoAloha...
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    Ukulele Instruction

    San Jose Ukulele Club does that. Using a projector and PA, showing and explaining hand positions. It works out well. (Hi, Gillian!) When we were meeting in Troy, we tried that, too. Sometimes it worked. And I recall using the chalkboard at the Guilderland Library to draw the chord diagrams...
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    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    An under-appreciated song; I remember when it first came out, was over-played and derided by some, but - sadly - the lyrics are still germane. I just heard a version on SiriusXM, with a hip-hop background, slight lyric change (ommited "I'm still an embryo with a long, long way to go", replaced...