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  • Another thought. You might try the Long and McQuade store in Langley. Or some other store there. It's a big centre of ukulele playing, especially in the schools.
    There isn't a good selection of ukes in any store in Vancouver, unfortunately. The best one for ukulele is Prussin Music, on Broadway near Alma. Long McQuade and Tom Lee are the large music stores and they don't carry many ukes. I had to buy my good ukes from other sources.
    I don't know if it's perfect, but it hopefully will get you in the ballpark and down on the field.
    Blue Skies
    Caug (1003) Fm6 (1213) and perhaps (D7) as (2020)

    (Am) Blue (Caug) skies,
    (Am) smiling (D7) at me
    Nothing but (C) blue skies,
    (G7) do I (C) see

    (Am) Blue (Caug) birds,
    (Am) singing a (D7) song
    Nothing but (C) bluebirds,
    (G7) all day (C) long

    (C) Never saw the sun (Fm6) shining so (C)bright
    (Fm6) Never saw (C) things (Fm6) going so (C) right
    (C) Noticing the days (Fm6) hurrying (C) by
    (Fm6) When you're in (C) love, my (E7) my how they fly, Oh

    (Am) Blue (Caug) days
    (Am) All of them (D7) gone
    Nothing but (C) blue skies
    (G7) From now (C) on (E7)

    (Am) (Caug) (Am) (D7) (C) (G7) (C)

    (C) (Fm6) (C) (Fm6) (C) (G7) (C)
    (C) (Fm6) (C)
    (Fm6) (C) (G7) (C) (E7)

    (Am) (Caug) (Am) (D7) (C) (G7) (C) (E7)

    (Am) Blue (Caug) days
    (Am) All of them (D7) gone
    Nothing but (C) blue skies
    (G7) From now (C) on
    OK, this is what I got for Blue Skies. At least what sounded right to me. I hope it helps. Tell me what you think. I had to split it in two. Too much for one message.
    I will let you know when I am no longer feeling like crud... possibly tomorrow with the right medicine!
    It would be best when I am at work. I got the "crud" right now. Not sure how I will feel tomorrow. But yes, if I am at work I can take em off the wall and show ya what I got.
    I sent you a PM (private message).. gosh I am still new to this forum stuff... Did you get it?
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