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  • Kevin: I'll be traveling to Korea early next month for work. I'm doing a nuclear safety culture benchmarking trip with the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). We'll be staying in Seoul for a couple of days, and then traveling to Gwangju to visit a nuclear plant. After the week in Korea, we travel to Japan for one week. I'm pretty excited about the trip. I just bought a Kamoa fiber glass case for my ukulele to bring it along.

    Thanks for reply - and again, welcome to UU. It's a great place with a lot to offer. -Marian
    Hi Kevin. Welcome to UU. I was interested in your post, since I'm heading to Seoul next month for the first time. So are you Korean or an American in So. Korea? (don't need to answer if that was too personal - just curious) Regardless, glad you've joined us here on the Underground
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