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    FS: Outdoor Ukulele Brown

    SOLD: Outdoor Ukulele Brown tenor, Nickel hardware I've had it for a few years, but recently bought a Synergy Carbon fiber Uke. So, this one is no longer needed. It's in very good condition with only a few light scratches that don't show up in the photos. SOLD I'm in northeastern PA if someone...
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    Hi from the northern Poconos

    Hi from the Poconos! I've been to the site a number of times, it's always fun searching for a possible new uke in the market place. Well, now I'd like to sell one. So, I finally joined.
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    Blackbird Farallon W/ MiSi pickup & sound port

    Blackbird Farallon Ekoa tenor Ukulele with sound port and Misi pick-up system. I bought this used so I'm not sure of the year it was made. I'm guessing 2016. It's in very good condition. The only things I would mention is a little sheen on some spots on the top of the upper bout where you might...