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    GNUF UU Get Together?

    Hiya fellow ukers! Getting ready for the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in Huddersfield UK this weekend! Who else is going? Shall we have a UU meet up on Friday at Krabbers performance? It's at The Keys Restaurant and Coffee House at 7-9pm (free for ticket holders, 5 quid for others). Next...
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    Uncle Elvis in Newcastle!

    I had the pleasure to attend one of Uncle Elvis's gigs tonight. What a brilliant gig that was! Great music, great laughs. Best night I've had in a long time! :rock: UU has got some really talented members.
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    Maso Rivera playing tiny cuatros

    This video is so good, I just have to share it. Puerto Rican musician Maso Rivera playing a series of really tiny cuatros and a couple of bigger ones :) Fab!
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    Hip-hop (U)-bass tabs?

    Hi all! I just started playing the U-Bass and am having lots of fun with it, mostly playing along my favourite hip-hop, R&B and drum-n-bass tracks. But there's only so much I can figure out by ear. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a book or website that breaks down basslines from hip-hop...
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    Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2015 - Workshops announced!

    Hello hello! I just got an email from GNUF (Huddersfield, Yorkshire) that they've just announced their workshops for this year's festival! The list is brilliant, I'm planning on going to two workshops a day: Saturday: - BEN ROUSE - Ukulele Bass - AARON...
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    Countryman UB U-Bass

    Good news! If you're in the UK, there's a couple of online shops that sell the new Countryman U-Bass! It's a pretty nice quality one, similar to Kala ones I've tried, and only costs about 150 quid at Southern Ukulele Store and Omega Music, which is much much cheaper than other similar ubasses...
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    OUD - Old Uke Day

    Did I ever mention I got a Mainland Tenor with red cedar top from Uke Republic, a looong long time ago, in like 2012 I think? No? Here it is then! (Finally got around to photographing it) So: whole solid wood body with red cedar top, rosewood back and sides and amber friction tuners. Tuned...
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    "Could you be? The most beauuuutiful baritone ukulele in the woooorld?"

    Thanks Connor and wife :-) I'm not the best person to talk about the actual painting process as I wasn't there when it happened. But in terms of design, what we did was we discussed several options from New Orleans theme to Japanese patterns, looked at lots of other painted ukuleles (and...
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    "Could you be? The most beauuuutiful baritone ukulele in the woooorld?"

    Hello fellow ukers! Remember a while back when I was complaining about all baritone ukes looking a bit the same (don't I love complaining) and when TCK in his infinite kindness jumped in to offer to paint one for me? For free! Amazing (This thread: Where are the quirky-looking baritones?)...
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    Ukulele vs. parenting

    Had to share this video shot by a friend, it totally cracks me up. Must have watched it like 15 times in a row haha :)
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    I wasn't going to, I swear. I just wanted to pay my little monthly visit to the local Martin C1k, so it wouldn't feel lonely hanging in the shop by itself. Then it happened. I bought a new uke. It just jumped right into my hands out of nowhere, there was nothing I could do! That pesky little...
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    GUW - Good Uke Week!

    Hiya good folks of UU! Just a little post to share the good uke week I've been having. GUW item #1: Got my copy of the book "The Martin Ukulele: The Little Instrument That Helped Create a Guitar Giant" in the mail the other day. What a fantastic book, highly recommended! GUW item #2: Another...
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    Has anyone else here had this condition? If so, I need you help!

    Hiya! Peeking into the forum again after a long absence. As some of you perhaps remember I busted my left wrist on NYE and haven't been able to play properly since then, so I've been a bit sad and frustrated about it and not spending much time here because of it. Still love you all though...
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    Shortbass One

    Hello folks! Anyone tried the new Shortbass One by Aquila? I've only seen a couple of videos for it on youtube so far and it seems to sound really good. Almost like a double bass, even without amplification! Any info about electric vs. acoustic, feel of strings, fret vs. fretless etc etc and...
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    New Uke Group in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - Left Hand Stair Ukes!

    I've been a bit out of the loop lately so I've only just found out there is a new uke group in town! Yay, exciting! :) Left Hand Stair Ukes, at Bar Loco (or Barkollo for the purists) on Leazes Park road, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tuesdays 6-8pm. As the name indicates, it's up the stairs on the...