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  • Yeah, Bill, that is/was me! And funny, I just visited New York for the first time in 22 years and spent time around my old haunts in Greenwich Village. The overlay of it all has changed a lot, but underneath much is the same. Thanks for connecting the dots! Rick
    Aloha Bill. john Ross, I was part of TCUO for a few weeks a couple of years ago... Just checking in to see how you and the group are doing. Hope this finds you well.
    I grew up in Northern Minnesota and lived in St. Paul (went to Macalester College) from about 95-99 and then moved to NE Minneapolis for a few years (26th and Johnson). We bought a house off of Central at 45th in Columbia Hts and lived there for about four years. I love NE Minneapolis. We moved out to Portland almost four years ago. I miss Minnesota, but not the weather!

    We were a strict Siamese household for many years (a chocolate point and a blue point), but now we have Savannahs. Beautiful animals, I could never be a dog person!
    Is that a blue point Siamese sitting in your uke case?! I used to live in Minneapolis. Wonderful town.
    Why "Lanark"?
    I grew up near the ancient Scottish town of of my fave' places.
    re: tabs
    I could tell you stories but I won't.
    re: kamaka
    you better bring it to TCUO. I am so jealous!
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