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  • eh bra! thanks for trying to give me the heads up. ends up we landed the day they decided to extrodite the guy. what was more odd...we didn't really hear anything about while there. we only found out when we wanted to go see where Bob recorded (in Kingston). all the bus driver said was, "not a good idea to go to Kingston right now". that was about it. we say a few details on the news after that but other then that...nothing. when we landed back in Portland we had a milliion msgs from our friends.
    all and all...WE'RE ALIVE! and thank you so much for your concern.
    Greetings All
    I am headed out of the country tomorrow. So responses will be delayed if you send an email to me or for the next 2 weeks. Have a good memorial day weekend.
    I am Ron Miller and I live here in Glen Allen. Just recently retired, but when working, had reason to visit Hohner frequently. I am a friend of Johnna in HR.
    Reason I am writing is to let you know that I have been in recent talks with Sam Ash on Broad St. They want to start a Uke Jam session and I volunteered to assist. We are in the early planning stage. They have just put up a sign-up sheet at the store for those interested. It would be great if you could help. I don't know many uke players in the Richmond area, but would love to get the word out. If you have any ideas please contact me. I just put up a post in the UU forum section. We are thinking now about doing this Sunday afternoon or Tuesday night. Possibly once a month to start with. Again, we are just starting to plan. Hope you can help. Take care. Ron Miller - 672-1880
    Hey there! Glad to have you as part of Ukulele Underground.
    I'm going to do my usual little ukulele manufacturer request: acoustic/electrics for southpaws.
    In my case it's not even so much the setup as it's the placement of the controls. I'd adore one of those black concert electrics. Though I'd happily go higher-end as well.
    The left-handed contingent is largely overlooked. And as far as I'm concerned, it's an untapped opportunity for companies.
    I know it's still early, but what kind of details can you give us about the banjolele? I had a vintage soprano and sold it because it was just not big enough. What sizes will you be putting out, and any idea on a ballpark cost? Thanks a ton!
    eh braddah man! saw your posting. no questions...just a mulit Lanikai uke owner (along with many others). by the way...luv 'em! i mainly perform with my Mele but i have one of the nicest travel uke (lanikai) least most people would say. I also have a black gloss tenor signed by Jake s. (you can see a pic on my profile).
    anyway...keep up the good work. solid ukes. suggested to me by some great players. and now suggested by me.
    Greetings All,
    I am the Big Kahuna for Lanikai Ukuleles. I joined up with the company about 3 years ago and took over Lanikai about a year and a half ago. I must say that while I am mainly a bass player of 17 years I am so very amazed and impressed of the camaraderie and total lack of ego that ukulele player seem to possess. This is so incredibly refreshing... Its something that I cant say I have ever experienced in this magnitude in all my music playing days.

    I have to be honest and say my main goals and desires focus more on my family and twin four year old boys, but as a gear junkie and musician I cant stay away for long. That being said Lanikai is an incredible company to be in charge of. I have more fun at work than any other job I have ever had.

    If you have any questions or concerns about Lanikai, gear or anything just send a message and I'll hit you back up. Be sure to stop by the website and check out what's new.
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