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  • You have, hands down, the coolest avatar!! Can I be your friend? If for no other reason, just to see your avatar on my friends list would bring great joy to my heart! :eek:

    I replied to your message 'quote'. Not sure if it went through. If you email me at rkemner2@comcast.net, I can give more details on a custom build. Don't worry about a quote, money is not my mission, it's the building process that I get satisfaction from. for all custom builds I want it to be fair for the new owner, so in the end you decide the price.

    Hope to hear from you. I do have a few really rustic boxes that might work for you.


    Russ (Sonny)
    I'm glad it got there okay, hope you feel better soon, and see you on the jams!

    Thanks for the support. It is hard b/c that is a topic that I believe very strongly about. It decides who I vote for. It frustrates me that whenever a christian view is expressed it is immedately deemed judgemental or wrong. But I'm not going to be a bigot or fire and brimstone preacher. I'm compassionate and reflective. Aren't you out in Kansas or somewhere like that? Nebraska?
    hey harrison! hope you arent getting as hit with this snow as we are.. it be crazy.. at least we have a white christmas! an extremely white christmas..
    merry christmas darlin'!
    Hey buddy, just opened up the case. Awesome stuff man, thanks for taking care of it.
    Oh man, they dont have the binding!! I just noticed that. That sucks!! I have a Honeybee Soprano and I LOVE the binding!! I really like the look of the slotted headstock but now you've thrown a curveball at me. And the fact that you had to "monkey around" with the tuners doesnt make me feel much better either.

    In hindsight, would you rather have the Standard Concert with the Rope binding on the head or do you still like the Slotted head? I'm looking at my Honeybee right now and cant imagine having a Mainland without that Rope on the head. Man, you really threw me for a pickle. Let me know your thoughts.

    And man, I wish I could have heard/seen it at the mini-jam. Let me know next time and I'll try to hop on and take a look.
    I saw that you mentioned "holding out for a mainland concert with slotted headstock." Did you end up getting it? What do you think of it?? I'm getting ready to order one with a Mi-Si and am trying to get some last second opinions. I seem to find a lot of opinions of the red ceder but not as many of the mahogany. Thoughts?
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