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  • things are...well things. been kinda ruff over the last month or so. but i did get the chance to play with some real professionals over the weekend. my sister got married and her dad and her mans dad have played in bands on the big island. big bands too. they were very good, and easy to play with. they've been around longer too so they have a huge song vocabulary.
    well..hope all is well in your world.
    Awh thnx guys, for the birthday shoutouts! I haven't gotten a chance to check my profile here.
    eh Len! Long time no hear from. hope ur doing well. gunna head to jamaca this weekend a rock the uke. wish me luck!!
    eh Len! jus wanted to let'cha kno that i saw Jake on Monday. was jus as great as we all expected!
    ok mis glass half empty. id b thinking of the fact that i CUD drive if i wanted. shoot...if u have ur license u cud drive anyones car (leagaly).
    actually...dunno wut the rules are anymore for minors. changed up here in OR a lil while back. but u kno wut i mean!
    so...regardless...go see Jake. Take ur parents with u if u have to. im gunna b going in March wen he's here in PDX. really excited to see
    him again.
    Oooh! 16?! driving age. opens up all sorts of fun (and trouble) for you. could just drive down to Monterey yourself! haha!
    cheers to freedom!!
    as far as Cali goes..looks like Livermore on 3/17; then Napa on 3/19. then there are shows in San Fran (21st and 22nd) and then Santa Barbra on the 23rd. later in the year he'll be in some place called Monterey CA (never heard of it...sorry) on 9/18/10. sounds like your kinda in a bad area for see one his shows. portland is a music city so we get alot of good and odd acts that roll thru. either way...if you get a chance to see him...do. ive seen him a few times (ex has all the pics...damn!) and have gotten one of my ukes signed (on my pics here on uu).
    well ur "strict" parents shud let u go see a nice lil' japanese boy play his ukulele right?
    did u say that Sac. was only like 2 hrs away? he so worth seeing no matter wut.
    haha! i had 'em too. but now i'm the king of my castle. only took 30 years!
    well..hope you get the chance to explor soon. jake s on tour again. all us ukers should be looking for him when he comes around. dunno bout
    stockton tho.
    well that sux. sorry bout that. after awhile portland gets boring too. its ok tho..im gettin old. Cant you go to Sac? Is there anything to do there? ihave to drive like 30 to visit my sister in S. Washington all the time. I jam with her man all the time. His father plays bass for a major band on the big island.
    Oh! Lil' more green up there though right? Portlands ok. I don't know Stockton so I dunno if theres much to do there or not, but Portland is kinda a small city. But we have our fun here!!
    Portland! Home of the Blazers...alothough I'm not much of a fan. What about you? Where you from? SoCal?
    well hello to you too! glad to see that people actually respond to people here. take it easy fellow westsider!
    hello...saw a fellow Westsider checkin out my page. new here...just sayin "hi"!
    Yeah, strumming is the hardest for me as well. But really once you know the song well, you can just improv the strumming as you go :)
    I have been so busy... have not been on here in a while. I hope to get some more time, so I can play more than just ten minutes a day. How about you?
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