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    Do you "name" your ukulele?

    I don’t exactly name my ukuleles but I put dog tags on my ukulele cases. This started when I lost my keys and had a tag made with a name I might give a dog (if I had one) and my phone number. I didn’t want to put my full name and address on my keychain, who wants uninvited visitors? This works...
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    Has anybody played KoAloha and Rebel Mango ukuleles side by side?

    I had an opportunity to play a KoAloha Mango Concert in direct comparison with a KoAloha Koa Concert and was surprised how much I liked the mango. Knowing that Rebel ukuleles are made in the same factory as KoAloha's Opio line, I'm curious how KoAloha and Rebel Mango ukes compare. Of course...
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    How can my ukulele group set up a virtual play-along?

    Perfection! Thank you rrieth!!
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    How can my ukulele group set up a virtual play-along?

    After attending a virtual cocktail party using Zoom (highly recommended!) I wondered if it would be possible to do a jam online with my ukulele group. There's a delay with Zoom that makes playing together impossible and the sound quality is okay for speech, but not so good for music. A friend...
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    Seeler Ukuleles?

    Anybody know anything about Seeler Ukuleles? They're made in Hawaii by Cody Seeler. I haven't found much online... a handful of Youtube videos posted by a store in Japan; a not particularly active Facebook page; an expired Reverb listing for a nice looking no-frills soprano. I'd be interested...
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    [B]How do you create a bold face thread title?[/B]

    I've started a few threads and can't figure out how to create a title that will show up in bold face in a forum list. I know how to do it in the body of a post, and my titles appear in bold when you open the thread but they're never bold in a list of threads. It seems like 99.9% of forum...
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    WTB Pineapple Ukulele Hard Case

    Thanks Gmontema, Is the $18 case the one with light colored lining? I haven't found any reviews for that specific case, but I've bought similar looking canvas covered polyfoam cases that I've been happy with. Does this one seem well made, built to last? I'm hoping to locate a more traditionally...
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    WTB Pineapple Ukulele Hard Case

    I'm looking for a new or used hard case for a soprano size pineapple ukulele, preferably one with a classic pineapple shape. Something like the Ohana, without the hefty price tag. Please send a message or comment here. thanks!
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    Birch Favilla??

    I have a 1949 mahogany Favilla soprano which I love. I'm curious about their birch sopranos, painted or unpainted and haven't located any videos or sound samples. Anybody who owns one or played one have any thoughts? How do they compare to the mahogany Favillas?
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    Zepeda Ukuleles??

    Has anybody ordered a ukulele directly from Guitarras Zepeda and had it shipped to the US? I've read some enthusiastic reviews on TripAdvisor, but they were written by people who travelled to Nicaragua and placed an order in person. Many of the comments on the UU forum are about a US seller...
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    Mainland Spruce Top

    I haven't been able to find much information on Mainland Spruce Top ukuleles. There're a handful of videos on Youtube posted by dealers but as sellers, their comments are always going to be positive. I'd love to hear thoughts/reviews from owners and would be especially interested in a sound...
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    Clay humidifier smells like mildew!?!

    Clay humidifier smells like mildew!?![/b] I have several in case humidifiers, the little plastic pots containing clay that you soak in water. I was surprised to discover that one of them smells like mildew, even though the the clay looks pristine without any signs of contamination. This...
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    Strings for a vintage baritone?

    For owner/operators of vintage baritones, what strings do you like? Mine is a Vega Arthur Godfrey Standard Baritone made in the early 50s. It's solid mahogany, has a 19" scale and friction tuners. It stays in tune and the intonation is excellent. thanks!
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    Flea serial numbers? colors? dates?

    I bought my Flea second hand and I'd like to know when it was made. Is there a list of production years with serial numbers? I've searched UU and the Fleamarket Music Bulletin Board - I found a thread on Fleamarket with numbers but no dates. I'm also curious about how long my color was...
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    How long do unused metal wound strings keep?

    I don't change strings very often. Are metal wound low G strings effected by exposure to air and humidity? Is it better to purchase them shortly before using them? I suspect proper storage can make a difference - any tips? Thanks!