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  • You might have to piece it together or you can try some tenor 6 string sets like Aquila, Worth or Ko'olau Golds (click on Merchandise).
    Hey dude sry I took a while to respond, I've been busy lately. . .
    Uhh it's really hard to explain in a text, but I'l try by using aldrines illustration way
    I think it would look something like this:
    \/ /\ x /\ \/ /\ /\ x /\ \/

    Basically, your had is always going up and down but your just accenting the up or down strum. . .get what I mean?
    I can try and make a video sometime when I'm not busy if you still don't get it tho ;]

    But yeah, just listen to it and feel the rhythm and I'm sure you'll get it in no time :D
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