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  • hey :)

    Unfortunately that is a Bobby Darin classic. (Well, written by Tim Hardin), but I'm thinking of putting up some of my own songs, it's just so hard to tell when your own stuff is any good :)
    Hi Lisa

    Thanks for the notes - both here an on youtube. I've enjoyed your videos on youtube. I'm a teacher also - physics professor.
    Hey there Lisa. No videos yet, but I did have an idea for a collaboration when I saw your Smooth Operator sax video. Maybe when I get better, I was thinking about Love Plus One by Haircut 100. I love that song. Let me know what you think. I have a lot of practicing to do, but I do have a great teacher.
    I hope all is well.
    Hey lisa, don't visit this page much huh. I'll see how long it takes for you to catch on.
    Day 1...
    I hope the roof is ok. My basement came out dry as a bone, but I did lose a few pieces of siding in the high winds. Oh the joys of homeownership!

    My wife was getting a little upset with me because I spent most of Friday and Saturday sitting in a chair with both my uke and computer on my lap practicing. She was upset until she heard me play (or attempt to play) some songs. I am progressing and that is a good thing. Maybe you will see videos of me on youtube one day. I just have to get the playing and singing at the same time down. I can play, but as soon as I start to sing, I lose it. Practice, practice, practice-all in good time.
    Have a happy new year!
    I have seen some of your videos of Youtube-great job. And you have only been playing for 4 months! Wow! I guess the difference is that you have a musical background. I have been playing for 4 months as well can barely put two chords together-but I don't have any kind of musical background. I just love Hawaii and the Uke. The thought of me being able to make music is exciting. I live just outside of Chicago as well, so I feel your pain with the temps and snow, and now the rain and thawing snow-I hope my basement doesn't flood.
    Keep up the great work!
    Anyway, I just wanted to
    Glad you're here! Are you still looking for a Bushman from Santa? What kind? Size?
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