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    let me introduce U gabuzofreudix

    His real name is Frédéric Henry, some of you know him but I met him at the open Mic at Nantes on Saturday evening, I saw him playing his "Hardcore", I talked with him and encouraged him to post more because he has great creative tunes... so I hope he'll soon become a member and you will all sub...
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    For those about to Uke... open Mic at Nantes this week-end!

    For the members who live in France, here's a link for you: I think it will be our first open Mic for Georges and I ... we'll go and see at 17h30 PM! Hope you'll enjoy the news ;°)
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    Hi from Fraaance!

    Hi, everybody! I'm Little 6ster from Fraaance! Thanx so much for existing! I'm so happy... and proud... to join this great community and meet so many wonderful people! This is my story: For 20 years, I have lived and breathed music, playing in a professional musical duet. I learned to play...