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  • Aloha T,
    hope you been well....just wanted to say hi....your PM box is filled and cannot receive messages
    Hello! Thanks for your comments on the Vancouver Ukulele Circle video! We meet every third Tuesday at Our Town. We start at 7:30pm. It gets pretty crowded. People often get there over an hour early to get a seat. There are also some other groups around the Lower Mainland. Some of them are offshoots of the VUC. Please feel free to ask for info if you need it. :)
    I'm from Kitchener. There isn't a big uke community here, but there is a huge one in Toronto. I try and go in once a month if I can. They have uke jams every Wednesday night. There are a few groups in Vancouver as well; you should try and hook up with them! Congrats on your new uke. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!
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