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    Kanile’a K-1 Tenor Ukulele. Model UV Gloss Finish Deluxe Curly Koa

    Sale Pending Kanile’a K-1 Tenor Ukulele. Model UV Gloss Finish Deluxe Curly Koa This is in absolute mint condition. Stunning solid koa top, back and sides. Great sound, with lots of volume. Includes choice of Ko’olau premium hardshell case with embedded humidifier or UkeCrazy light weight...
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    New Islander MT-4 - Great Value

    I wanted a beater tenor to play around my pool and take on trips where it could spend time in a less than desirable environment that my better tenors would not endure well. Primarily I wanted decent sound and excellent intonation all the way up the neck for a rock bottom price. After a bit of...
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    Kala Solid Body UBass

    How can a Kala solid body UBass possibly be worth $1000? This has to be the highest markup in the industry. As a comparison you can get an excellent American custom made Carvin full size bass with hard case for less. I had the original UBass, and thought it was grossly overpriced at $500. I...
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    Anyone in southern part of Delaware (Sussex County)?

    Moving to Millsboro in 2 weeks and looking for fellow ukulele players.
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    Mele Mahogany Guitarlele

    Did anyone ever play a Mele Guitarlele. there are two flavors - mahogany and Koa for $699 and $899 respectively (less case). Looking for something less than the Kanile'a or Koaloha, but well made.
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    Opinions on Concert Ukulele Choice

    I am considering a concert size ukulele just to have an alternative to my tenors and also to have one ukulele with a high G. My tenors are a Kanile'a and 2 Ponos. Looking for a less expensive concert, but not real low end. Currently considering a Big Island gloss mahogany, a Pono MC, and a...
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    eBay "Great" Deals

    Some folks are trying to make a killing in profits in eBay. One seller has a brand new Kala Lacewood concert with a Buy It Now price of $888.88. According to the Kala web site the list price is $450. Of course the seller is offering free shipping which is surely worth the remaining $438.88. I...
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    FS: Pono MPTC-E Tenor. Pro-Classic Series Maple Tenor (MPTC) with pickup (-E)

    SOLD: Pono MPTC-E Tenor. Pro-Classic Series Maple Tenor (MPTC) with pickup (-E) THIS HAS BEEN SOLD. Pro-Classic Series Maple cutaway tenor with factory Pono pickup. Beautiful solid Maple back and sides, solid spruce top. Maple neck with ebony fingerboard, faceplate, and bridge. Abalone...
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    Need expert opinion

    I plan on buying a higher end 4 string tenor. Considering the big three "K" brands and $1000 price range I currently have a maple and a mahogany Pono that I am very pleased with. I play strictly with low G tuning and do mostly solo instrumental. Unfortunately there are no stores anywhere near...
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    Ko'olau ukuleles

    Does anyone own or have you played a Ko'olau tenor, more specifically a T-1? If so how does it compare to the other high end K brands? Thanks
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    Help with previous thread

    I recall a thread here (I think) within past 2 months asking about a specific individual (not company) ukulele maker. A moderator intervened with specific negative comments about the quality of the workmanship by this maker. Does anyone recall the thread or the name of the maker? Thanks
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    New Acquisition

    Just ordered a Pono Pro-Classic Series Maple tenor cutaway MPTC-E to go along with my Pono MTE. Expect to receive it mid next week. It is being strung with low G. After I experiment a bit with a bunch of different strings I will report on sound.
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    Collings Uke

    Have not seen any mention of a Collings uke here. My main guitar is an exceptional Collings. Wondered how his ukes are.
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    Distribution (percent of each type) of ukuleles by size

    I am fairly new here, so if this has been brought up recently, ignore me. Just curious though what is the distribution (percent of each) of ukuleles by size (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone). It would also be interesting to know the distribution at price points, low <$300, 300-800, >$800...
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    Hello from Maryland

    Long time musician who finally discovered the fun of playing ukuleles for first time 4 months ago. I regularly play acoustic guitar (6 and 12 string), mandolin, bass, and fretless bass in a folk quartet and also in church. Also play mandola and Irish bouzouki. Had a Kala Ubass for a while...