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  • Heh, only just realized this post was from months ago. Guess I should check my UU mail more often.

    Hey Reilly, so glad to have you in the group. I won't be making it to the next beginners group but will be at the jam on the 22nd. Perhaps I'll see you there.
    Happy New Year, Janet
    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a nice day...Happy Strummings Girl!!
    Glad you like my videos, thanks for watching. I made a cd a while ago and occasionally record from time to time, but I don't know that I'll ever really make copies to sell. Busy, busy.
    Thank you! I'm up to the 3rd episode of Season 4. It's kind of a weird season so far... haha
    YES Netflix Instant!! SO GLORIOUS! haha Though on a sad note, I just discovered that Kevin Smith, (the actor who plays Aries) died a few years ago and it pretty much crushed my soul!
    I see that Xena is your Avatar. I am currently re-watching the entire series! LOVE IT!
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