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  • Thanks for response. Actually you are quite a distance away. I live in Towson now, but am moving near Bethany Beach next week.
    Hi, Jeanne and Ron! Thanks for the nice comment about my "Little Red Riding Hood" video! Did that one a while back, but I think it's a good one for Halloween! Take care, and thanks for the invitation to be friends on UU!


    heya luke - Good to hear from you. I'm in Germantown, MD about 25 miles NW of WASHDC, between Frederick and Rockville on I-270. Cheers! Bob
    Hi Ron and Jeanne,
    Tried to reply to the private message you sent but it said your mailbox is full and can't accept messages until it is cleared out!

    Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear about the bridge! Those Ping tuners do work pretty well. Have you ever attached a bridge before or done woodworking? It is pretty easy, and even though you have spent a few dollars I bet you will be jazzed when it is up and playing again. Plus, now that it will have a saddle you will really get some sound out of it. I get a lot of pleasure out of bringing something old and broken back to life. Hang in there with it and make it sing again!

    What glue are you going to use for the bridge? I have had a lot of success with Titebond wood glue. Do you have clamps that will work? If you were on the left side of the country I would say come on over and let's glue it up together! :) Keep me updated!

    Hi Ron and Jeanne, Glad you found my channel and enjoyed the videos. Thank you very much. I try to post one or two per week. It keeps me working.
    good to hear from you...we've been playing for about the same amount of time...maybe we'll see eachotehr in Cattonsville some time..I am not on the receiving end of notices...would yu let me know if they reschedule...thanks..JB
    Hi...I did get to meet Aldrine while I was in Kauai, but nobody in Oahu. That is funny, I'm actually going in August to Kauai myself now...what dates will you be there?
    Hey there! It was so cool to have finally met you! Hope to see you again soon.
    Jeanne, you are too awesome! I would LOVE to have that recipe! Thanks so much.

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