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    NUD: Cocobolo 5-String

    Beautiful ukulele Jerry. I too have been bitten by the 5string bug. Sound sample Possible? Super looking wood. The sound hole on the bottom is interesting. Why on the bottom? Sounds like something you do to all your ukuleles? Congrats. I’d love to get one.
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    Slotted Bridges on a Tenor

    I have a custom tenor with a slotted bridge. very expensive ukulele. It works great. Builder uses is all the time. I don t think a good builder will have problems with slotted bridge and string tension. I also have a Tenor Fluke and it is slotted bridge. Works fine but it is screwed on as...
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    Gotoh Stealth Tuners

    This last post is interesting but……are we talking about tuner “Lag” when you say sloppy. I’d like to know more about the locking mechanism. How it works. It makes total sense to come up on note flat as opposed to going sharp and tuning down. In Guitar, I have always approached note from flat...
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    Thoughts about tenor high and low G

    For most five strings to get the most out of it sound wise, high g on top and low G on bottom on the pair. My Aklot came to me reversed and the low G just drown out the high g. Now, I can play all my high G stuff, and get the syncopation that reentrant tuning offers but also get much fuller...
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    Five String Fever

    I have an Aklot five string. I gambled and it turned out sounding great, especially when you factor In price. solid mahogany top/ laminate sides. String thru bridge. Guitar closed back geared tuners make it neck heavy. I will chance to Graphtech planetary tuners when I can find some...
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    Thoughts about tenor high and low G

    I came from 30 years playing guitar. I went tenor in high g to be different. Jake played it….I like the syncopation of high g. I finally got around to making low g work. Some songs sound great in low g. Some song are better in high g. I play both. I have ukuleles strung both ways! I am...
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    SOLD Tenor Koa Fluke w/ K&K Aloha Twin P/U

    Gotoh stealth is a great option for MFC ukuleles. great price for ukulele. Has it sold? it would be nice to order from MFC in future and get Stealth tuners as option! good luck with sale!
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    Flea bridge

    I never liked the fact My Fluke bridge was glued and screwed. Id definitely like the the new bridge.
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    Saddle Swap Success

    What is a P NUT and do you have pictures. Good work getting the Cordoba playing better with nut change.
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    Wood Types & Strings for Fingernail picking

    I think all woods work for finger style. I do fro spruce to mahogany and have played Koa that sounds great. I thing build of Uke makes a big difference. I like spruce for clarity and projection. I like mahogany tops for their warmth and mine range. It’s all good.
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    DIY case for small ukuleles

    Nice job. It looks perfect For your purpose. And what a deal you scored on the case. The mods look factory.
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    Get Back/Let It Be

    Agree with all comments. Seeing the creative Process and a much more up beat presentation from the Let It Be movies was great. Being in bands the hardest thing is keeping a working relationship up with members. We are all individuals………..egos, emotions, directions one wants to go in...
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    Flea bridge

    I suppose someone handy with wood could add a vernier to either side of the headstock to make it wider. A lot of work, most including myself would shy away from that. Dale did say making the headstock thicker would entail a redesign and he didn’t think it was warranted. I have Peghed which I...
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    Flea bridge

    I received explanation email from Dale at MFC. First, the new bridge is now on all model. It is glued in place so you can remove all strings and bridge won’t move. The motivation was to come up with a better and faster system for bridge to eliminate the finicky, longer labour of the old...
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    Flea bridge

    Spieler……great pics. Thanks for posting and correcting my assumption it was string thru. I have two slotted tenors……a Fluke (old style) and a custom. Super easy to restring these ukes. I like the design of the new bridge by MFC. I wonder if it makes a difference in sound. Or if it’s just a...