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    Question for Brad……which version original or Y3 sounded better. Looks like original sounded ok from video I found. It was 1/16“ baltic birch. lt appears from picture that Y3 version is solid wood and of course builder could use whatever they want. Any suggestion on curbing the shape. I’ve...
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    NFS: KLŌS Full Carbon Tenor Ukulele (Withdrawn)

    I’m curious why selling so soon. I’ve read good things about KLOS ukuleles. Is is sound, or size or ?
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    HPL ukuleles…..experiences?

    Ok, I get it…..concert body with tenor neck looks proportionally correct. Much nicer than the oversized version. thanks for pic. I agree that so,I’d top would take more care…….
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    Given up tenor due to hand pain/arthritis?

    I only play tenors. I do have pain in hand especially my thumbs. My so,union is use concert strings on tenor and tune down half step to b flat. Much nicer sound, less tension. Much nicer to play. If thumb pain is real bad, I have to put down the ukulele. It comes with age. I would not...
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    HPL ukuleles…..experiences?

    Beasley, good comments. First, I’m exploring the “alternate”materials to build a ukulele and wonder how good a sound can be had. I have three all solid tenors, two solid top/laminate sides and a Fluke with hoop pine top. What amazes me is the great sounds I get out of a poly carbonate body...
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    Bonanza Ranchland personal player

    Thanks,I did not see that review from Baz. I’ll give it a listen. Much appreciate.
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    HPL ukuleles…..experiences?

    All good comments. Thank you everyone. I live in a populated area in east coast of Canada and have not found many ukuleles to try before I buy. I like the durability aspect of HPL, like my Fluke with its moulded bodo. I think I’d like HPL/Solid wood top combo. Interested in hearing from...
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    Bruce Wei travel tenor - Agony and Ecstasy

    It’s a shame you got a crack. From all the threads I’ve read on Bruce’s stuff, it’s seems always advisable to himidify the crap,out of it when you get it. By that I mean, putting it in a bag with tons of himidity, then slowly bringing it down to 45-55%. Of course a lot of this depends on...
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    Ratio Tuners Installed

    Nice install. They look great. I’m curious on if you enlarged the holes for the shafts and furred. Also, the head stock thickness. I gotta try a set of these. Thanks for posting . Looking forward to more….
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    HPL ukuleles…..experiences?

    Looking at Martin HPL concert but really want a tenor. I have played an Enya tenor in all HPL and it was sweet sounding but quiet in volume. I liked the neck bolt joint For travel considerations. Also, checking out Bonanaz HPL but also very interested/more interested their HPL (back and...
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    Bonanza Ranchland personal player

    Looking for comments from anyone who has played on of these. I’ve see a few videos. Interested in the usual comments. How it feels in hand. Volume. Sustain. ETC. They seem very cool. Nice travel ukulele. I can’t really tell volume from videos thanks
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    Health issues forces me to change my uke collection.

    Sorry to hear you have an issue. So glad you can still play. Good on you for what you are doing. You are a good person. We need more of that in our world. Its great that the ukulele has so many sizes and flavours. Travel ukes are very cool. Take care.
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    Clara or Flea Travels and Durability

    I’ve flown several times with my tenor, laminate top Fluke in a thin gig bag. No problem. They key to overhead beads in be the last person to stuff the Uke in on top. For me that means watching for anyone going to put in overhead bin AFTER I’ve put my Uke in. I ALWAYS stand up, help person...
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    Dead sounding Pono MC

    I have two Pono tenor. I love Pono. I’ve read the complainta but don’t get it. First try Flurocarbon strings. . Pono’s love fluro strings. I use Oasis brights. Great value but any will make it sound better. I have found Nylon string sound bad on Pono’s. Regarding the next profile…..I like...
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    Cocobolo Tenors - how do they compare to expensive K brand ukes?

    I’ve never played the Cocobolo ukuleles. They looks great And sound great from samples I have heard. Given your two current ukuleles and fact you really like the, why not try a five string tenor Cocobolo or a baritone Cocobolo? …..add some Color to your playing that you don’t have. I’m not...