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    Rosen "carbon fiber" concert

    Plastic frets will wear down. If you want a plastic ukulele, at least look for one with metal frets.
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    In Praise of Cheap Ukes

    Kiwaya makes great cheap ukuleles, if you can buy them at the regular retail price. 8000 yen is about US$70. Unfortunately, they don't have distributors in many countries, so foreign retailers have to pay to import them in small quantities and pass the (large) cost on to consumers.
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    Flight WUS-4 Soprano - REVIEW

    Current price of the Kiwaya KS-5 in Japan is about USD$310 plus tax. These are even harder to find at USA stores than the KS-1, but I do see some Japanese vendors selling them on Amazon USA for US$330 (shipped from Japan).
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    Flight WUS-4 Soprano - REVIEW

    The base level Kiwaya Eco-series would be the KS-1 or FS-1. These cost the equivalent of around US$200 in Japan, but are hard to find in the USA.
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    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    I'm curious, what price point did you pay? They seem to be going for around US$300 new right now and while they are worth that price, I don't think they compare well to $600 instruments (like Opio or Ken Timms).
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    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    Kiwaya KS-0 has been discussed in this forum before, 6 years ago. Don't know if it is still made. I couldn't find any current USA dealers.
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    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    I've never heard of the FS-0. Where did you get it from? I do have a KS-5 and a FLS-1 that I really like.
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    Looking for a recommended repair tech/shop for re-string , in Honolulu .

    This video is really long, but it has lots of good tips on how to choose strings and how to prevent buzzing when you install strings.
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    WTB Ken Timms Mahogany Soprano

    There was one on Reverb yesterday. I thought it was overpriced for the condition, but someone must have bought it because it is gone today.
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    Nut Width On The Ohana SK-30M

    34mm is narrow. Average for a soprano is 35 to 37mm. Some are 38mm.
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    disappointed in my new Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele

    I went on the Kamaka factory tour a couple of years ago and Casey Kamaka said their strings are manufactured by D'Addario. There are a lot of string brands, but the number of companies that are actually manufacturing strings is small. D'Addario has a factory in New York state.
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    Islander soprano fans , which tone wood do you like ?

    Those two are a couple of steps up from the laminate models.
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    Legal advice

    fyi - here is some legal advice from Don Henley:
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    disappointed in my new Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele

    Kamaka uses D'Addario black nylon strings. Jake Shimabukuro also uses D'Addario black nylon strings, just higher tension than the stock Kamaka strings. Lower tension strings are easier for strumming, which is probably what most ukulele players to (Kamaka or other brands).
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    disappointed in my new Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele

    I like the black nylon strings on Kamakas. I know some people who prefer higher tension nylon or fluorocarbon strings. Really depends on what tone you like and your playing style.