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  • Hi Mango,
    I will post to the thread you started in a day or two, after my strings settle in, but in case you were planning to re-string your Dolphin soon I wanted to let you know that I just put Ko'olau Golds on mine (this is only my second time stringing and I need to set aside a good chunk of time, so I am a bit behind schedule!). Anyway, at this point I am very pleased with them. They have a nice, warm sound but they seem to have good projection. I'll know more in a couple days when they are holding their tuning better and as I said I will post to the thread then in case anyone else wants to know! (Oh, also I like the yellow strings on my metallic blue Dolphin!) Let me know what you end up trying! (If Ken Middleton had introduced his strings a couple weeks earlier I would have tried those, but I had a friend visiting the US and I ordered some strings from Elderly for him to bring back.)
    hey mango! i am at my cafe all day today...give me a holler if you'd like, 479-253-6001 is the cafe's #
    hey! where in arkansas do you live? i live up in eureka springs...trying to start a uke society. if you are ever in the area, shout out, i have a cafe in town, sparky's roadhouse cafe, we'll have a beer and play some uke!

    I live in the DFW area (in North Richland Hills, just on the northeast edge of Ft. Worth, just outside the loop).

    A little far from Shreveport and Longview. :) I do get through there occasionally because my in-laws live in Alexandria, LA. One of my wife's brother in laws drives a logging truck mostly around the area just southeast of Shreveport, or did the last I heard.

    We typically don't glue in the nut.If someone wants to string it lowG and has to groove the nut then it is harder to replace. If it is sliding around or vibrating, just put a little dab of rubber cement or elmers under it.
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