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  • And now a Collings?? Robin Givens should be at your house! Keep on collecting, I'll keep on looking at your pictures. Congrats!!
    BTW, I have one word for your collection--OBSESSIVE! lol. Very nice for a dude that's only been playing for 3 months. I dig the bari. Where did you come up with it, and how does it sound in comparison with a tenor?

    Hi Mark,

    I really enjoyed, and commented on, your YouTube instruction video, Part 1, of how to play "Tonight You Belong To Me". Glad to be your friend!
    Hello everyone, I've enjoyed my time on UU and it has helped me tremendously in my playing and reviews and advice on Ukulele. I appreiciate all your help. If you would like to add me as a friend I would be happy to accept. Thank you
    I haven't heard from you about the Kamaka Tenor, so I am moving on to another possible buyer.

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