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  • Sorry Matt, No CNC experience here. I researched them a couple of years ago when I retired. Started off designing a simple copy carver then started shopping for something motor driven and computer controlled. Like you, was pretty sure there was several ways to pay back the investment. My wife was even signed up for it (even without the need for special buttons) :~) The bottom line is did a lot of research but never pulled the trigger so have a real appreciation for the work you've done so far...... I saw your original list on one of the CNC forums.
    Now the real fun begins, putting it together and making the bloody thing work. I'm excited for you and wish you all the best with it. It's a good investment. Keep us posted on your progress. Maybe start a CNC uke thread eh?
    Re; CNC router.
    Didn't want to clutter up or side track the existing posts.
    Which one did you get and what operations to you plan for it?
    Check out the UWC thread under regional gatherings. Ther's a long list of people that are coming. It's June 4th-6th.
    re: What up, Vic? "I see you're in Ohio--you gonna try to make it to Mike's (hoosierhiver) UWC this summer? (Ukulele World Congress.) It's a good five hour drive for me, but I'm going to try to make it.
    "<cliche> Wouldn't miss it for the world. </cliche> Maybe we can hook up and share the ride.
    Thanks for the advice.And your professional input and your kind words. I will try to mess around with my delay and double flash options on my camera it seems it helped with my glare but it seem to make things brighter, i was not trying to make my photos "Hard to tell" like the comment you stated. BTW you did not piss me off , your opinions and input from your experience are appreciated Take care and keep jammin.
    Hey Matt, Glad to see your review on the Kiwaya. I want a KTS-4...just don't think I can afford one yet. I wonder how the KS series sounds. I need to make it up to Elderly some day in the near future and try one. When do you get yours back from Elderly?
    I was there on Sunday with a couple of friends. We drove out from Ann Arbor... I ended up with a concert Kamaka. Damn you, Elderly... Damn you.
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