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    Review- Ohana CK-450 (P) Concert Ukulele

    Beautiful review as usual, Vic. I was watching the video on my TV and I came here to find info and I found this thread. Awesome! I also loved your playing in this video. Your technique keeps getting more and more precise. Congrats.
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    Looking for Enya Feather

    I can't find it. Is it gone already?
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    New Martin models

    I was looking at the C1. But yeah... "koa fine veneer". So a step back from the C1K.
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    FS: Pono ETSH(C)-PC, Cedar-Ebony Tenor with slotted headstock

    SOLD: 2017 Pono ETSH(C)-PC, Cedar-Ebony Tenor with slotted headstock And it's gone! :)
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    So... about those little delicious fruits (Ohana TT-PK-70G)

    I have an Ohana O’Nino and I absolutely love it. So I was delighted when I saw the new Ohana TT-PK-70G. It looks amazing!!! Has anyone had the chance to playing one? If so, did you find it good? I would love some trustworthy opinions! Thank you! :D Here's a pic:
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    Hello from Italy!

    After reading thousands of posts on this beautiful forum for the last two years, I think it's time to say hi! :D Thank You all for building this amazing place! :o