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  • Hey Mary-Anne
    You were one of the first folks I met at UWC after having flown across on 3 flights from Oz!
    It was just great - hanging around, making music ... I can't wait to get to know you all better next time.
    Howdy, just seen your The Big Disappointment vid.....absolutely brilliant. We had a show in England called Tomorrows World way back, and your song echoes every fans thoughts! Would you tell me what uke you have to play The littlest Hobo on YT, its a small black one with leafy inlay...its very nice.
    Hi Mary-Anne,I've just been looking at your myspace page, the music is great, my favourite is East Coast West Coast, looooove the lyrics, so clever! :) x
    i really don't know. it was really tough to post whore this far. not sure how i'm going to crank out the next 2000. maybe moar string questions?
    hi M-A! thanks for the lovely postcard. i'll try to return the deed if i can find any interesting ones locally. cheers!
    just dropping by to say hello. i checked out the songs on your band's myspace page. very very nice!!
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