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    can i put c string instead of g string to make low-g tuning

    Very few manufactures such as Aquila make strings specifically for ukulele. The big companies just cut suitable guitar strings to ukulele length and package them as ukulele strings. For fluorocarbon strings they just cut fishing line and package it. If you know the diameter of string that works...
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    can i put c string instead of g string to make low-g tuning

    For low G it needs a thick string and a big body like tenor to work well. It's not about just changing a string but get a whole set that includes a low G and is designed for that. May also need adjustment of nut, bridge, and saddle but most ukes and strings should be ok for change.
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    Well why do you want to do this? It may be easier to get a capo and put that on the fifth fret of one of your baritones and voila you have the standard uke experience. Or just buy a cheap one in addition to the baritones or trade one of the baritones. After all you can only play one at a time...
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    KoAloha's New Tuners

    Here is a headstock picture of my 2000 concert. Those friction tuners still do the job and as far as I know have not had any maintenance required in 21 years of heavy use. If KoAloha reissued some of their vintage models I would find that more appealing than their modern models. I don't...
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    Leolani price

    Can probably found at Alibaba even cheaper. Cheap ukes like this that are blinged out with fancy decorations are the worst and I feel sorry for people who waste their money on stuff like this.
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    Recommended Powered Computer Speakers ?

    Logitech Z623 do the job.
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    I can't see the post as I put it on ignore, so I deleted mine as well.
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    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    @Wukulele Oasis also also sells sets with plain fluoro low G but they only post diameters of the wound strings. Most of the Oasis strings are also available as singles.
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Even infected the official FAQ today. Archiving is not a good solution as many old threads are valuable and updating them with new ideas be worthwhile. Better to report and ban the spammers, and the ignore function is also helpful.
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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    Only a Marshall stack can do that. Don't bother with little digital effects toys.
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    Best strings for low-g

    There is a store in Ottawa that has a great selection of strings, including their own custom sets. It is called Bytown Instruments and the owner is Mark. Give him a call and he will get you the best.
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    Best strings for low-g

    What do you mean with that? Most people think they use the strings that they feel are the best. This is a very subjective topic and in the end it really depends on what you feel is best for you. But you can ask more specific questions that may be relevant and have objective answers like what are...
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    KoAloha's New Tuners

    I would consider geared tuners a major downgrade. I played the 25th anniversary soprano and concert ukes and found them unbalanced requiring effort to play them standing. Their move to high density ebony fretboards and sapele necks was already adding weight to the necks. I hope someone can...
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    Kamaka long neck tenor on other board

    This is not my offer. I just came across this on the AGF and I think this is the first time that I saw one with these specs. I hope that it's ok to post link to another board