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  • Aloha, Mike. I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems. People on Ukulele Underground have been saying that you asked people with outstanding orders to contact you with details, so here goes:

    1. #330552471772 - Red makala dolphin soprano starter with hardshell case and Kala digital tuner, $84.95
    2. #370501157536 - Makala concert ukulele starter with harshell case, chordfinder book and pitchpipe, high G string, $109.95
    3. #370500814121 - Kala KC-02 tuner, $19.95

    I paid $236.80 ($214.85 + $21.95 shipping) on April 13 (PayPal ID #5LH32312H8378892J). I wanted to know if you shipped these items yet or if you're still able to ship them. Please contact me for shipping information. If you can't ship them, it's okay, but please just let me know so I can buy them somewhere else.
    Mahalos and my deepest hope that you regain your health.

    Mark Segelman
    415-297-4664 (call or text message)
    Hi MGM, I bought a Pono Concert on april,11 (I don't bought by ebay, I just send my payment by paypal after negociation by email).(Unique Transaction ID # 5WW74169N1174920T) Can you send me my tracking number by UU private message?
    Best regards,
    Fabio Pontarolo (Brazil)
    Hi Mike
    We met at the Northridge California Aloha Festival. Looking forward to seeing you at the Wine Country Uke Fest. I will be at the Uke Leash booth next door to you.
    –Lori Apthorp
    Mike, you sold me a KoAloha Super Concert at the Northridge Hawaiin Festival. It is great, your price was great, and even though it was super hot and people were cavalierly grabbing your beautiful ukuleles (making me cringe), you were in good spirits. If I ever decide to get a Collings (the only uke which I might want more than my KoAloha Super Concert) I definitely know where to go.
    Aloha Mike! Are you going to be at New York Uke Fest this year? Didn't see your name on the vendors list. :(
    hello i sent you message on ebay regarding Worth Strings for my ukulele, can you please respond?
    i sell many if you had more info or a photo that would help the only uke i had with v saped all inlaid fretboard was a dias copy made by Dave means at glyph. you may also be referring to a inlay style used by dias andnunes in their higher styled models
    hey i think you were selling a vintage soprano in auction. it was mahogany and had like arrows going down the middle of the fretboard. would you please be able to tell me what the model of this ukulele was called. i think it was you who was selling it. thanks
    Just a quick note to thank you and your guys on the Makala MK-C I got for Christmas from my family. I directed them to your site. The uke is beautiful, plays great, action is perfect and she sounds awesome. Hard to believe the price!!! I also had my eye on the Kala Flame Mahogany Concert, but I really wanted a uke I can take to the beach and outdoors and the Makala really fit the bill!!
    Again mahalo to you for your great work and have a happy and healthy New Year!!!
    Mic, I know you don't do business on the boards but I'm very curious why at the moment much of your 'ukuleles are suddenly no longer for sale on ebay.
    I get dry mouth and I count on looking at your wares to inspire drool.

    Edit: Ah, looks like things are back to normal now. It was all a bad dream. All is right with the world. Phew.
    Hi mike, the koaloha concert arrived safe and is awesome. i love the gold tuners. thanks a stack.

    regards, matt
    Thank you SO much for my Pineapple arrived yesterday and I haven't been able to put it down!!!!
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