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    I thought you might find this interesting.

    Also, talked to Mom Okami today and I told her you worked like a dog at the So Cal Uke Fest. She said that you told her you sold out of the KoAlohas. That's good to hear. I told her about that guy that tried to work you down for $30 on one of the KoAlohas and walked away when you refused. I told her he is not going to find it cheaper any where else!
    Hey Mike...I really missed the Friday Follies last week. I hope we get a double dose this week! I LOVE them! : 0 )
    How about a Koolau tenor case? Isn't that case tighter than the Oahu case? I just like the look of the Koolau/Oahu cases.
    Mike, check out my photos of the two tenors in the cases in my photo albums. The Kamaka has the storage from the middle of the third fret to the seventh fret. The KoAloha has the storage from an inch above the first fret to the sixth fret. Kinda strange don't you think?
    The ukes fit fine. I'm actually not complaining. In fact, I just noticed it today because I was taking photos of the ukes in the cases for Ronin. He wanted to know about the fit of cases.

    I swear you took both of the cases out of the same packing box. I remember because I was thinking of asking you for the box so that I could use it to pack the cases on the plane.

    Actually, the shorter storage box would be more useful due to the Herco being closer to the body. I'll send pics later to show you. The storage box in either case is too small to hold much more than a tuner and polishing cloth...or some Maui Wowie. : )

    Hey, I mentioned in one of your threads about the new Kala tweed case that you should call it the "Lauhala Case." Seems like the name fits since the weave is too large for tweed.
    I got the white Makala MK-S Dolphin soprano ukulele today--I LOVE it! It sounds so lovely! Thank you so much!
    Hey Mike, You probably don't remember me but I was in a couple of weeks ago and bought two Oahu cases and some humidor stuff. I went to Castle the same time as you did and now live on the mainland. I noticed that the two cases are slightly different. Once case has the little storage box higher than the other. Its also correspondingly shorter by about two inches (the box, not the case.) Have you seen this issue before? I like the bigger storage area but the shorter one allows the Herco to be near the body. I can send pics if I'm not being clear.
    Wow that was fast, got the kala uke today, lovin it.... I blindfolded myself and determined it's a laminate LOL.... much mahaloz! :D
    Aloha Mike.

    Thanks to you and your crew the Pineapple Sunday arrived in record time and in perfect condition.

    Hi MGM

    I got a Collings UC-1 for my b'day Wednesday. I've started a Collings "social group". Love you to join!

    Also...would welcome you as a friend here on UU.

    I know you do, it's just you got so many wicked ukuleles for sale, i just wish you where here, maybe it's best for my bank balance.
    Hey I just found out that you are the person on ebay that sells ukuleles! "The Music Guy" right? My dad always buys ukuleles from your store! :D
    hey mike i just bought a uke from you today on ebay i was wondering how long will it take to get to RI lol
    Aloha Mike Juat wanted to say thanks for the KoAloha Concert that I just received. And it sounds great.
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