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  • i think i got this in a email but no i dont think you will be able to retie it if removed
    Hi Mike - I got my PTO Pono tenor yesterday. Fabulous instrument, nicer than I imagined it could be. Thanks for the recommendation and the quick service.

    I'm not uke savvy, but I noticed a set of strings in the case. Looks like the replacements are a third string that is smooth and a 4th string that is a low G (mine is high G). I'd like to try to smooth third string to reduce the scrittch when I slide up the neck with the wound 3rd string that is on there now. If I do that, will I be able to put the old string back on if I don't like the sound? Looks like there isn't a lot of excess to work with.


    Yes i will have both and be at the new york fest... i go every year
    are you going to be at the ny uke fest? i know you were at the lonestar. if so, will you have any ponos or koalohas with you?
    Aloha Mike, I ran into my nephew today Peter Gonsalves, and he said he works for you, I thought that was pretty cool, just thought I'd let you know. A more honest and harder working kid is difficult to find. A hui hou, Ji
    Hey I bought a watermelon uke from you a couple months ago. Just wanted to thank you for it..we've done many youtube videos together, and are hoping to do much more =)

    ....can a ukulele hope? Hm..
    Just bought my first ukulele from you! The mail can't move fast enough! Got the Kala concert mahogany and can't wait to learn how to play it. I first saw your stuff on ebay and upon further searching online saw that musicguymic had an awesome reputation on the ukulele community and I knew I had to buy from you. Thanks!
    Aloha! My Fiance just bought me a Kala Archtop tenor (natural wood) from you for my birthday (on Dec 19)and I love it, but I brought it to a friends house to plug it into an amp today and it seems like it will only work if the cable that goes into the ukulele is in one perfect position and if I move at all it stops working. I'm sure I'm past the time to send it back to you and don't really want to part with it anyways, but I was wondering if this is a common problem and If you think it would be something I could fix myself by unscrewing the jack or something or if it needs to go into the shop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Mike, I'm the crazy guy from Texas who keeps buying ukes and strings and other stuff from you. I sent you a friend request here on UU. You're the best and I keep recommending your site to all my friends.
    I have a Koolau soprano hardshell case if you buy direct is about 42.00.00 plus shipping actual ups ground fee's about 14.00 i suspect these are top quality and fit them perfectly. call me 757-777-7873 also the kala bllack or tweeds fit but cost more
    Hello MGM,

    Do you have a good quality but inexpensive hard case to fit my Martin 3k soprano? The cheapie case I bought is alreay falling apart!

    Thank you,
    haha that's ok. I don't exactly know the point of these "friends" thing since everyone on UU should be friends with each other, yea? It's the UU family. :)
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