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    New Deluxe Tenor Models from Kamaka

    Here's a sneak peek at the latest production models available. Tenor size I like I like
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    okay I gotta run to work..(more like crawl) one last uke more pics later
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    Always great to see friends from across the sea! Ken!
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    Did I tell anyone its HOT! Where's the shave ice lady?
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    What a great place to be as I turn at Rick Turners Table
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    Oh! my moe? Can never have too many Mike's....Mike Mulqueeen from Moku
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    okay crampy old legs lets keep walking
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    Okay lets start walking around...we're not started yet in the morning.
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    Takamine Ukulele? yes another guitar maker making ukes

    Just got a Takamine ukulele which is a inexpensive but well made laminate ukulele in limited numbers...Seems everyone is making ukuleles..Fender, Ibanez, Peavey, Collings. Taylor, Santa Cruz, Breedlove....funny to read the descriptions on Ebay for the uke selling from 99.99 to 249.00 and...
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    Pepe Romero Tiny Tenor

    They sound great...we have a bunch of them
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    Please lets survey just how flat the tops are on your ukulele's.

    Funny seems everytime I grab a uke it comes with a flat top
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    Hmmmmm just some thoughts on posts

    Aloha all....I feel forums such as this should be sounding boards uncensored for most posters comment. And I usally have a Motto....If you have nothing positive or nice to say ignore or do not respond.....However it bothers me when luthiers and self proclaimed experts give opinions and thoughts...
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    New Moore Bettah Uke

    I always wondered what Hawaii 50 looked like.....bookum Lenny...
  14. MGM to be at Wine Country Uke Festival

    Yes...We are going this year with Hawaiian K brands, Custom Makers...and lots of ALOOOHA. Hope to see some fellow UU'ers and old friends again this year.....hmmmm I smell Grapes...Chardouke vs Sauveruke?? I wonder which has the better Heres some previous years pics.
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    11 one of a kind solid wood custom Kalas on way to Hawaii.

    headstock detail on soprano