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    Using CNC To Build Ukuleles - Good or Bad?

    I'm not attacking Pete, or questioning his knowledge of building, I was answering his question. And I was also aware that a piano factory is a totally different thing than one guy working on his own. I am sure many largeuke factories use it for exactly the same reason that I mentioned...
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    Using CNC To Build Ukuleles - Good or Bad?

    I got that idea when I went to the Schimmel piano factory in Braunschweig, Germany and the production manager told me that was why they bought the CNC.
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    Using CNC To Build Ukuleles - Good or Bad?

    The CNC is good for making it easier for the builder to do certain things and to save time, which should mean lower costs to the builder. I wonder how much of the savings are passed on to the buyer. I have yet to see an instrument go down in price.
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    "Having" vs. "Wanting"...

    I had the opposite effect over the summer. I was dreaming about building a uke from the Stewmac kit. I did a ton of investigating and researching which tools and materials to buy. While I was fiddling about, the sale price was raised to the regular price, which put me in a pinch, and I couldn't...
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    can i put c string instead of g string to make low-g tuning

    I haven't tried this since there are plenty of low G sets in my country, but I believe that some people have tried putting the D string from a set of classical guitar strings on in place of a standard low G string. Please, someone correct me if this is not the proper string. I believe you can...
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    Best strings for low-g

    Try out a bunch of different sets to find out which you like best on your uke. Everyone has different tastes and expectations. Don't let others tell you what you like. Find out for yourself.
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    I get pretty sick of resurrected threads from years ago, sometimes even 10 years ago. And I hate when I comment one one without realizing how outdated it one from 7 years ago asking for advice on buying their first ukulele. The UU should consider retiring old threads that haven't had...
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    What Position

    The Position refers to which fret your index finger is covering. In first position your index finger is at the first fret, middle is at the 2nd fret, ring is at the 3rd fret and pinky is at the 4th fret. Second position starts at the 2nd fret, third position starts with the index at the 3rd fret...
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    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    All of my instruments are named Priscilla.
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    A lil concert from my messy room

    Thanks, I loved that. Very entertaining.
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    Mu chords

    If you follow the rules to making this chord, they are: the 3rd and 9th degrees have to be one whole step apart and you must use the root and the 5th. This means making a 4 note chord. Here are some for closed position chords. In high g tuning, the Aadd2 (4454) or (6452) shape, can be moved...
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    Is your complaint, that you can say this about any instrument? I think most people would realize that guitars, bass guitars and banjos are too large and too heavy to play for any length of time, while standing, without a strap. Who would tell them to try that? A ukulele is a totally different...
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    Help with Grover Deluxe Champion Sta-tite Pegs

    I have been scratching my head figuring out how to install the Grover Champion Deluxe Uke Pegs. I can't find any instructions and am hoping some or one of you have a photo of these tuners installed or some insight into the installation. The main reason for my confusion is the rear housing and...
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    Which newer movies do you watch over and over?

    There are plenty of oldies that i like to watch over and over, but not so many newer ones. One of my favorites to watch is The Martian with Matt Damon. I love this movie, I have watched it 50 times or more, I could watch it another 50 times, I find it so interesting and exciting. How about you?
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    Does baking soda and superglue work on Tusq...?

    ...or does it burn and make a mess like some other plastics do? I replaced my nut with a bone one and would like to experiment on the old Tusq nut that was slotted off-center from the factory. Thanks.