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    SOLD Cocobolo Pineapple Concert

    This is a very handsome uke. I like the coloring of the neck, it's beautiful in its own right and looks so good with the rest of the uke. What really stands out for me is the fretboard. I like that it's pretty much a solid/dark color. I'm not a fan of when Cocobolo has the streaks of sapwood and...
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    "Having" vs. "Wanting"...

    I've been there several times. The dream is sometimes more fun than realizing the dream. Right now I'm working on enjoying the dream until the dream goes away. I already have enough realizations sitting around the house. 😄
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    Price increases

    I recently checked out what it would cost for another one of my beloved ukes. I think I ordered it in Nov. of 2019 and received it in Jan. or Feb. of 2020. Since then the price has gone up by $190.00. Granted, when I ordered it, it was an introductory price projected to go up by $50.00 after...
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    I wish you LOVE ( ukulele + vocal cover )

    From what I heard in your video I think your voice and style would be very well suited for that song as well.
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    I wish you LOVE ( ukulele + vocal cover )

    Excellent job! Your voice and playing are very well suited for this song. It made me think of the song, "Girl From Ipanema".
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    Nut Width On The Ohana SK-30M

    **Caveat** I was measuring with a wooden ruler and mm's are a pretty small unit of measure. I could be slightly off but probably not by more than a mm.
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    Nut Width On The Ohana SK-30M

    Sorry but I'm not able to help you with that one. I don't own a soprano, the only ones I've ever played have been in the music store to see what they were like. I liked the soprano sound but my fingers were a bit too smushed to play one comfortably. That made the Ohana SK-30M a perfect solution...
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    Nut Width On The Ohana SK-30M

    The nut is 34 mm and the spacing from G to A is about 28mm. I have one and I love it!
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    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    This is probably what I'll end up doing. The uke for her birthday window is pretty much closed at this point since the Flight uke didn't pan out. Sharing the Ohana has worked so far the last couple of years so I'll just try to embrace the idea that bumps and dings are probably going to happen...
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    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    I'm going off of observed behavior. :) - I've been playing uke for about 10 years and in that time I've invited her many times to learn to play with me and how fun it would be and that I'd be happy to teach her. It was always, "Thanks but no thanks!" She didn't even try it out to humor me. If...
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    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    None of my ukes have been named but for some reason I say that a couple of them are "pretty" while another is "handsome".
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    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    I've already received the samples I was looking for but thank you very much for offering! I was going to close this thread but the close thread option doesn't seem to be available to me.
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    Is it still UAS if you buy a uke for someone else?

    I don't disagree but I think it's a general lack of interest rather than lack of a nicer uke that's contributing to her not playing more.
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    Is it still UAS if I want one with completely different tuning...?

    Given your current situation, only 1 uke and wanting another to keep one in standard and the other in an alternate tuning then no, it isn't UAS. (yet!) 😊