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    FS: aNueNue T30 Solid African Mahogany Tenor

    SOLD: aNueNue T30 Solid African Mahogany Tenor Have a like new aNueNue T30 tenor with gig bag for sale. The top model in their Hawaiian Dream series. Put a Worth Clear Low G string on it, otherwise it's stock. Width at nut is about 36.5mm and G-to-A spacing is about 28.5mm. Love it, but...
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    NUD: aNueNue T30 Tenor Ukulele

    I'm a long time guitar player that's new to the uke and have been playing on a cheap (but solid wood) Enya for awhile. I decided to upgrade and came across the aNueNue Hawaiian Dream series ukes. I've seen some great reviews on the AMM3, which was a little higher priced than I wanted to go...