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  • It's okay. Just make sure you come next year. (; UWC sounds like it's going to be enormously EPIC. I'm not sure I can even handle that much EPICNESS. I mean, is it even legal? I seriously cannot wait!
    Mim! I seriously missed you this year at TBUG! I hope all is well and I should be seeing you this year UWC!
    Howdy Mim!

    Just saw your comment on my Instagram of my new uke. :) And, thought you might like to see some other photos of my safely-arrived Kala KA-GAC. I posted 'em in the thread where I originally found out about your shop.

    I am really enjoying it, even after just over 24 hours. :)

    Thanks again!
    Hi Mim, just wanted your set up thoughts if/when you have time. The ukulele I built used to have the action at the 12th fret right below 2mm, currently it's a smidge over 3mm and feels noticeable higher than before. I figure with the tension of the strings and time the neck might have settled in a little. Would you adjust at the nut or the saddle? My plan is to use a router on the bridge and deepen the slot for the saddle a tiny bit at a time until I'm satisfied with the action at the 12th again. Do you foresee any problem with that? I figure the absolute worst thing that could happen is I go too deep and have to make another saddle. Not a big deal. Thanks for your help,

    It was nice meeting you too! Sorry I didn't properly say goodbye Sunday morning. I woke up at 6:40 for some stupid reason and I decided to load up the car and take off.

    I had a great time.
    Hi, Mim! I've been eyeballing your Eleukes. Alas, I spent double my original budget on a guitar for my brother for his birthday. Now I am broke, but he is extremely happy. One day....
    Hi Mim,
    Just wanted to send you a HELLO and say I hope the renovations are going well! I'm amazed you haven't missed a beat with your business through all this. Keep well!
    I LOVE my ukes! They were all the rage at Bandland today. Didn't get a real chance to play them, but tomorrow, I will dig in!

    Cases are great, too.
    Hi Mim! How was your cruise? You weren't on that one in Italy that went down, were you? I tried to send you a check to the address on the website, but it came back. Can you give me a viable address,please? Thanks
    Just received the Peanut today.

    Looks to be in good condition due to great packing.

    Can't wait to get it home!


    Uncle Rod Higuchi
    I am out of town until January 15. Just so yall dont think I dissapeared off the face of the earth!
    That's exactly what I was thinking: "This is a mistake", I thought, "as we are already friends." Howdy Friend!
    Thanks for the info on the elusive cigar box. Too bad. It seems like such a cool uke! I do want a cigar box at some point, but,aye this is a sign that it should in fact be handmade.

    I think a peanut is probably in my near future, though... I have an Eleuke pineapple, second hand, but originally from you, and it's set up beautifully. The peanut is so cute.... I think it would be a perfect companion for the pineapple. They should write a comic strip about them! But, so, I'll let you know when I'm ready to pull the trigger.
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