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    WTB Used Enya Carbon Fiber Uke

    I have a black soprano, it is awesome. If you want it, just cover shipping and it’s yours!
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    Collings Doghair Finish Mahogany tenor

    After seeing this one, I considered selling all of my ukes in an attempt to get this one! Seriously, one of my favorites of all time, but that price sends it well beyond my budget!!
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    Magic Flea sound

    Fleas and Fluke are great, seriously, no need for hesitation!! I picked up the uke about (17) years ago, and have tried a ton of different sizes and makers. Fleas are among the best bang for the buck!! I recently picked up a koa top Fluke from Penny Lane Emporium and put Gotoh Stealth tuners...
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    Anyone tried the Martin HPL concerts?

    I have one. It is great, seriously!
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    Sent an email.

    Sent an email.
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    FS: Ukiyo Soprano Vita Uke

    Sent a PM, thanks!!
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    Oh, the soprano...

    Of course I was being silly in my earlier post! I have three sopranos, one Sopranino, and a tenor right now. They are all great, but sopranos are my favorite.
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    Oh, the soprano...

    Soprano = ukulele Anything else = not a ukulele
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    How young is too young for a first uke?

    My oldest son (18 now) showed interest in the ukulele around that age and then wanted to play violin around 4-6 years old. He has always been a very focused individual, even when he was young. Well, he doesn’t play either now! I tried to give him ukulele lessons, and we hired a wonderful...
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    SOLD Larrivee Spruce/Rosewood Tenor

    This instrument is SOLD, thanks!
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    SOLD Larrivee Spruce/Rosewood Tenor

    Responded to PM conversation, thanks!
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    SOLD Larrivee Spruce/Rosewood Tenor

    Also, meant to say…I’ll include a fresh set of regular D’Addario tenor strings.
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    SOLD Larrivee Spruce/Rosewood Tenor

    Hello, I have an amazing tenor up for sale! I have been on a shopping spree, and need to make room for a brand new KoAloha from MIM!! The Larrivee is in fantastic condition, and the original owner purchased it from HMS. Great set-up, sounds great, and plays like butter. I have it strung with...
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    SOLD!! Koaloha opio kto-10 acacia tenor —UNABLE TO CLOSE THREAD

    Checking in, will you respond to my PC?