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    HMSA Teen Video Awards - Teen Suicide Awareness (vote for me!)

    Hello! My name is Lauren, and I'm from Hawaii, the island of Oahu. I am a sophomore at Mililani High School. I recently filmed and entered my video into a competition who's purpose is to create health messages to reach and impact my peers. It's a short, commercial length video about teen...
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    BOY or GIRL?

    It's a more frequent mix up than you think it is, so I'm going to clear it up now. :D I'll put up the results when the voting slows down...
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    My New Ukulele Repost and YT vids

    Hey guys! I posted these images in my previous thread "Which CASE?!" but I'm not sure anyone caught it. I stoked to finally have my TENOR! It's a KA-KTE-C and from what I've been told, that means Tenor-electronics-cutaway? *Also* Some of you (very few of you) know that I was not allowed to...
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    Which CASE?!

    I'm going to buy new a tweed case for my new ukulele :D I'm absolutely positive I want a tweed. Just one holdup though, which MODEL? Regular Rectangle This is my first time asking a question like this (I think), but I RLY RLY RLY need help this time. I know some of yall have one of these...
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    Thank you so much!!!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Thank you very, very much, and I'm so sorry I missed it! Also, if anyone happened to notice (you probably didn't) I've been keeping quiet for a week or so. I visit and browse every so often, but I'm not the...
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    I saw it in someone's sig, and never knew what it meant until now it's stuck in my head now, thanks a lot.
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    dats wat he sed O.o

    Give us a sentence(s) that will probably never be said again Let me know if you haz kweschens :D I'll start: Your brain smells like MoonPie dumplings.
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    For you guys who know what I'm talking about, I had no idea what i was getting myself into.. And is it just me, or did they repeat some songs? For you guys who don't, I basically have to play 84 songs straight without saving or turning the wii off. I've been playing for 5 hours now...I paused...
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    I feel like a !#%&@$^*?

    Our school had this Spring Dance thing (not quite a dance, a bunch of rap and line dances) today, and I realized that everyone knew every lyric to every song there, except me. I knew all of the line dances, but I knew the chorus to only one song. So I'm standing there looking like an idiot...
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    THIS close.....
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    306 members online at once?!

    Was this set up or something? It went from 150 to 306 in several days! Sorry if this was already mentioned.... you guys ROCK!!!
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    Any ideas?

    So there's this team society thing going on for the 6th graders at our school. Most of us have jobs, which we get paid for every week. This fake money (called Brain Cells) is used for a final objective: Market day. Before market day, we need to think of something to sell; something we make...
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    Embarassing much.......

    I brought my uke to school like everyday, but today was very different. When it came to recess, my science/math teacher walks in the room (I stay in for recess....) and asks me if she can play. Now the first thing that popped into my head was "uuuuuuh no." but I knew she wasn't gonna break it or...
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    I <3 spongbob

    First off, I'm not the addicted one. It's my younger bro, and it's pretty irking when he does this. He'll come home from school every day, and watch ^said show^ for several hours. The only thing he ever talks about is spongebob. "Remember that episode when Patrick....." or "you know that...