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  • Aloha and Mahalo, thank you for asking and your concern, stay safe and take care too
    Aloha and Mahalo plenty Bruddah, mahalo plenty for checking in me I appreciate it, my health has deteriorated and I'm
    Not doing well , so glad to hear from you , how are you doing. Please keep safe too during these extrodinary virus times
    Malama pono your friend. stan where are you living now
    Aloha Molo...happy birthday greetings from waikiki hawaii.. you got a fb account.. have a super day with family and friends close to your heart... :)
    love the green custom fav color :)
    I'm sorry I've been absent for a month- wow- exactly a month today! My radio show has been keeping my busy along with "life" (Hate when that happens!) My uke playing is far from decent. I try to practice chords when I can but the transitions kill me- and let us not even address some chords, which I fear my fingers and hands will never contort to make. Strumming patterns? Did I mention those! Argghh!
    However, I plod on when I can.
    I got UAS before I even took a lesson or anything, and I bought a Pono solid Acacia Tenor, a little Ohana mahogany concert, and my favorite, really, which isn't available anymore and I had a heck of a time finding, my Vineyard solid mahogany soprano with a full tenor neck. I find myself picking that up all the time. I love the size and the sound is much louder than my other two. The Pono is low G.
    Anyhow, I am sitting here strumming and watching TV, hoping that my hands & fingers will remember where to go one of these days. :eek:
    Busy is a good thing. If things slow down and everybody gets together please let me know. Thanks
    Hello there,,just wondering how and if the club meetings are still going on? I seen your website and it hasn't been updated for some time.
    Thanks so much! My birthday was a busy one. I rehearsed play and taught a few students. I did get in time for a birthday cake though.
    Must call Mim.. must have eleuke! :) I saw your post on JoeyBugs thread and couldn't resist... eluekes are awesome!! :)
    Sounds like you are going to have a great trip...yep we always stay at the HHV. Mom has a timeshare there, so we usually prefer the Kalia tower though occasionally we end up in the Lagoon, and I have a week in the Grand Waikikian tower this September.

    Oh definitely take the bus, that is how I always get to Kamaka. You just take the 42 (heading towards Ala Moana). It is no more than 10 or 15 minutes. You get off at South Street and walk the one or two blocks up to Kamaka. It doesn't run that often but it is so easy and close that I would always opt for that instead of a taxi.

    Have a great time! :)
    Aww, you are sweet. Thanks. :) I need to actually be better about updating it, I so rarely do so. Yep, one benefit of being on the West Coast is we get some pretty low fares to Hawaii so I'm fortunate enough to be able to go pretty frequently. I'm going to try to do some more posts in the next couple of weeks (one about uke strings, one about hula, another about timeshares we stay at). But if I get lazy those weeks could turn to months. Hahaha. So you are going in August? Have a wonderful time! I head back in September. What island/s are you going to visit? You like Maui right? I'm more of a Kauai girl myself but Maui is wonderful as well.
    So sorry for the late reply, I only just found this message. I'm playing a Kamaka 8-string strung with Aguila strings except for the low G, which is a Savarez high-tension classical guitar D.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the videos.

    Thanks for writing.
    Thanks for the welcome. Besides being vintage myself, my vintage ukes include Harmony soprano with plastic fretboard and red trim and a red treble staff with A D F# B below the sound hole, as well as a Harmony concert and baritone. My second ukulele was a Harmony bari that I bought in 1961, wish I still had that one. Also have a Silvertone bari (on permanent loan to a friend) and my favorite, a Favilla bari. A gold label Kamaka soprano and two Kamaka white label pineapples, a Martin Taropatch and a few no name banjoleles round out my vintage uke collection.
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