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  • Hey Johnny
    Aloha from Jen in Oz
    So great meeting you in Needmore Indiana.
    Glad you made it home safely.
    Looking forward to more ukeing fun at UWC 2011 :)
    Johnny, you are the finest next-door-neighbor in UWC Tent City that one could ever hope for! Great meeting you, and see ya next year!
    Hey Johnny, real great to meet you also! Had fun practicing with you in the field - later I heard you on stage and thought, "wait, I thought he was going to do that Pearl Jam song." And then you did and it sounded great!

    I meant to ask you earlier - you have read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", right?
    Dude, I am SO sad I didn't get to say bye. We had to leave real fast because of time constraints. :( But either way, was awesome meeting you, yay!!!
    my friend.....its Alex Holmes on facebook look me up and we'll get you was wonerful meeting you my friend
    "I heard someone tried the monkeys-on-typewriters bit trying for the plays of W. Shakespeare, but all they got was the collected works of Francis Bacon."
    - Bill Hirst

    saw this, thought you might appreciate it
    Thanks my friend. You can't imagine how mad I am. I calculated that I spent about 400 hours (that is 10 weeks of full time work, 40 hours a week) working on those covers and now their shutting me down? I understand the whole copyright argument. But I'm afraid that they will do the same to others here. Oh well. Thanks for your support, Jonny. Uke on!
    it's very unlikely that I'll be at uwc, if I'm going on any long haul flights in the future I want to end up in Hawii or Cuba - I suspect Cuba might be cheaper simply because there will be less ukuleles hanging around, but i'm broke right now so might holiday in the back garden with a uke.
    Scotland is beautiful but we do have terrible weather but that's partly why it's so beautiful but the weather can be a bit depressing but then you get a good day then it's fresh and scenic then but it only lasts a day then it rains for a week but then all the flowers come out and it looks amazing then it rains and gets cold then we have snow and it looks great again - we spend a lot of the time in the pub - I think if we had better weather there would less alcoholics
    you get the idea
    I like it, I get it. When I got a mobile phone I lost my ability to remember anyones phone number - then I lost my phone, I felt cut off from society, I didn't feel like that before I got my phone.
    My favourite monkeys are bonobos - Yes, I have favourite monkeys, have you ever looked in to the social lives of them? very interesting, the females are the ones in control and they all have lots of sex and they can socialise with other tribes of bonobos without conflict.
    My name is less interesting had it since high school, it's related to my inability to get a tan, I'm not a fan of fake tan and I don't seem to be in the sun long enough to get any effect - ( I live in Scotland, we are not known for our sunshine) couple that with dark hair - Snow White - Snowy - Snowy Zoe. I got used to everyone comparing their tans to mine as it made them feel good about how brown they were, I'm happy being pale, I've been tested 4 times to see if I'm anemic - I'm not, I'm pale.

    all the best
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