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    Hemp Ukulele Strap

    Hey all! In preparation for this summer, in which I plan to do a lot of camping/hiking/beach-bumming/tree-climbing/riding/etc with an ukulele on me, I wanted to put a strap on one so it could be easily thrown over my shoulder and onto my back for those times when I want my hands free but don't...
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    Bass Amp is buzzing like crazy :(

    I was all pumped yesterday to start laying down tracks for a new recording, and I plug in and the bass amp sounded terrible! It sounds like I'm playing through a fuzzbox on a low gain setting, so I'm guessing something happened with my speaker. I've had the amp for like 10 years and it's...
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    Request for help on Bob Marley's Natural Mystic

    Hey everyone :D I'm working on an instrumental version of Natural Mystic and can't figure out the horn part. If anyone can help, I'd super appreciate it! It comes in around 1:50 in the song and again around 2:50. Here's a link to the song on youtube...
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    Music Score Software

    Hi all! I have a cool program recommendation I thought I'd share with the community. So I'm working on my next multitrack, and since I'm using some instruments I'm not all that familiar with, I thought I'd attempt arranging the whole thing before actually learning the parts and getting...
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    Sympathy for the Devil -- Rolling Stones

    I just finished a multitrack of this great song, with ukulele for the piano part, bass guitar, various hand percussion, and a little guitar and melodica. Hope you like it!
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    What Is and What Should Never Be - Led Zeppelin Multitrack

    It's been forever since I uploaded anything, but I just got one done :D wooo! I also posted the uke tabs here if you're interested:
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    Nelson Ledges Quarry Park (Ohio)

    So I just got home from a reggae fest that lasted all weekend at this joint. It was amazing and it made me think of everyone from UWC. I just had to come on here to share that this place exists and that those who loved UWC would love the music festivals at this place-- it's an old quarry...
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    Smoke Two Joints -- The Toyes / Sublime

    A late 420 video from me :P Also, I bought a new camera since the last time I recorded something, so I have widescreen finally and also a new bass!! woooooo! P.S. I'm totally getting pumped about UWC now that it's only a month away !
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    New Youtube Changes

    A couple days ago I got a message saying I was chosen to start seeing the way the video playback screen on youtube is going to start working. Has anyone else seen this? You might want to check it out. (personally, I dislike just about all of the changes.) Here's a decent video showing some...
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    La La Love You -- The Pixies

    I hit 100 subscribers a little while ago! Woooooot! So here's a song of appreciation, love all you guys :D It's La La Love You by the Pixies
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    String Poll!

    I saw that there's a thread or two about specific recomendations for strings. I thought it'd be good to just see how many of us prefer which types without getting into the actual specifics and brands. So what do you wind your electric bass with?
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    Monkey Contest

    Monkey Contest (Until June 1st) Contest time! Here's a link to the video in which I (poorly) explain the contest: Brief explanation of the contest: 1) Record yourself playing a song and put it on youtube. It can be any cover or any original...
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    O Christmas Tree

    Happy holidays everyone! Here's a quick video I made this morning before heading out for the first of all the parties :D
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    Woot Woot UAS

    So I've been pretty darn good at sticking to just my Flea for the little over a year I've been playing without buying another uke (although I have bought quite a few other instruments to add to the arsenal :D) However, today I had some great news. I called up a credit card company to cancel a...
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    California Dreamin' Multitrack

    This weekend I recorded my submission to the Bushman contest. Check it out :D