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    clear some space brother...your box is full!
    Hey man how's the custom uke coming along? would be keen to hear from you !
    No problem. I just found out myself and kicked my search up a few notches.

    Let me know what you decide! :)
    Dude! Your PM box is full!

    I just wanted to give you a heads up about the UTAR. They're discontinuing them, so once the current crop is gone, that's it.

    I know the GL-1 is just making its way to the states, but the Kala has a solid top. Mim quoted me an amazing price for a UTAR, but I found a local dealer with a blem and decided to go with the instant gratification.

    Good luck with your decision!
    Are you talking Australia dollars or US dollars?

    I live in Thailand. If I sent you money by western union on the 20th, would that work. if not, I can arrange to get money faster.

    What do you think of a second hand Kamaka at 400 USD?
    True that they hold their value..But they can be preety costly at times.
    Hey monty :)

    Yes im from aus too. but im in VIC, melbourne :D and i dont have a kala acacia tenor. I only have a little mahalo :(

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