Moore Bettah Ukuleles

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  • LOVE your ukes, especially the seven swimming koi...maybe someday I will be able to buy one...hey I can dream right? btw thanks for the tips on repairing dents!
    I got chills when I saw your ukuleles. Once I'm worthy enough as a player, I'll be sure to buy one from you.
    Chuck, Melelani really does play heavenly music. I am honored every day I get to play her. I hope you are well.
    Hi Chuck
    Just wondering if you give tours at your shop? I am usally around your area a couple of times a year as I'm working on building a house down in Kalapana Seaview Estates.
    Thanks Jack
    Aloha Chuck,
    Absolutely love your ukes, and when I scrape up enough funds for a custom uke, I've decided that it's going to be a Moore Bettah. :D
    Your ukuleles are amazing. Those side ports seem like a nifty idea. I hope to purchase one of your ukes in the future.
    Hi Chuck,

    I just went to your site and wanted to tell you all the new info on the Process section is awsome. Looks great and is very informative.

    Been playing my NSB Concert everyday, except when I travel for work. (Don't want to leave it in a hotel or car all day) Keep on Keepin on!
    And so it begins... I have made the little template jig thingy and started the building process. I have glued the neck and tail blocks and have begun to do the fret wire. (Why is it so hard for those things to go into the fretboard!? I think I am going to break it in half!)

    Now I am off to Walgreens to buy a bunch of close-pins....
    Hey Chuck (if I underdstood well)
    You make ukuleles I'm dreaming about for years now, one day I'll gonna have one !!! one day ....
    Hi Chuck! I saw your website the other day. you make BEYOOOOTIFUL ukes! I hope one day I can play well enough to feel worthy of buying one. :)
    Hey Chuck!

    Hope it's going well. It looked like you needed a visitor message, so I'll post the first.

    Take care,

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