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  • Hey sorry I missed you on the jams. Photography is going real good. My stuff is going to be on Penn States website, panthlets (sp?) mags and even all the buses, crazy stufffff!
    Hey Jim
    Yes finally I bit the bullet.
    I just have to become a better juggler - facebook + YouTube + my own Blue Mountains Ukulele Group + UU + email + life - no problem!
    I hear a date has been set for the next UWC!
    Hey there Mr More Uke
    It's your friend from Oz.
    Finally I'm finding my way around UU - yay!
    Hope youand yours are keeping well.
    Quite frankly how else will I make sure you pay me the money you owe me? :) Hope all is well today.
    Hey! We are picking Jon up at 1 p.m on Friday. Then it's straight to the cabin. I think Andy is going through Indy around or close to that time also. I guess we have room for one person. Who is it?

    How's the situation with your in-law (father in-law, I think you said)? I am a Meals on Wheels program director and I deal with old people on a daily basis. It's very sad, but I hope he had a great life up to now. My thoughts are with you and your wife. If you make it to UWC it'll be great. But I do understand your situation right now. Kepp us posted.

    Thanks for all the info you have sent me about Indiana. I've printed it all out and it's in my UWC box. (With my coffee maker( makes 30 cups!), booze, song books, travel info, flamingo hat, and other stuff.

    Hope I see you next week.

    Hey, you're the guy who stuck his neck out and got it chopped off! Meet you at the UWC2010.
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