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  • Hey Jon -
    I just wanted to check in. I saw the little weird interchange with Dave. I think you've responded appropriately to Dave's unfortunate misunderstanding and over reaction. I have pm-ed him to ask him to reconsider the stance he's taken. You are both brothers here, and down deep you both know that ( I know YOU know that, I think he's just forgotten). I think a lot of us are really stressed out right now... I know I am with all the crap going on here. Anyway, I wish you well, and as always look forward to hearing you on the web. Best to you and Joo
    Hey mate. I have a request for the woodpeckers. I would love to hear "in Spite of ourselves" Maybe for Season 219 but whenever. I think this would be a natural for joo' and you both. I will post joo on this too. Love, Bro.
    Hi, This is Dave McMillin or Aspieman456. I've been on this site since 2009. I've been playing the uke for ten years now.
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