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    Hello from Jerez

    Welcome to UU, Goerkel! Unless you're after the 'typical' soprano sound, you'll likely enjoy learning baritone ukulele. This website is a good starting point to explore all things baritone:
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    SOTU 563 "What's in a name?"

    Matachin, composed by Gaspar Sanz and arranged by Rob MacKillop. Buy his book!
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    SOTU 563 "What's in a name?"

    A menuet by Johann Krieger. (There were soooooo many menuets to choose from...). The arrangement is by Wilfried Welti and taken from the same ebook as the previous video.
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    SOTU 563 "What's in a name?"

    German folk song composed by Friedrich Silcher and arranged by Wilfried Welti. Wilfried's ebooks:
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    What's a good way to get that high-G strings into action when finger picking?

    Wilfried Welti has a free ebook with (German) Christmas music, all arranged for high G. He has both standard notation and tabs in his books, so you'll quickly recognise the tunes if the German titles are unfamiliar. (He has a book of English Christmas music too, and I'd bet that the ones that...
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    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    I'm so very sorry to hear this, Val. I hope that your family can be with you for the next days, and that you'll find lots of strength in sharing precious memories you have of Harry. We'll be here for you when you're ready. Thinking of you and sending you lots of love.
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    The Christmas Ukulele Jazz Book

    Welcome to UU, Nick! Just wondering if you are Tin Pam Ukulally Nick? If yes, I've seen you on YouTube. If no, then I'm looking forward to discovering you!
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    Sign up for future Seasons IV

    I haven't thought of the theme yet, but if it's a Bring whatever you like because "It's the Season to be Generous and Jolly and Kind," I expect at least one Manilow song from you, John. A sides would be fine though, as I wouldn't know them from the B sides anyway...
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    Sign up for future Seasons IV

    I'll fill in the 565 gap, Steve. I can do that week before the Christmas break is coming up, and I'll likely be away from the Seasons for a week or two. (I don't think I'd find any Barry Manilow songs in the public domain, so I'd better steer the ship to somewhat more open waters.)
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    Beginner ukulele book suggestions

    Yes, that's the answers I was after. The fourth diminished chord for 1212 would be B*. The chords would indeed repeat on 4545, 7878 and so on. You nailed it!
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    Hello From Oklahoma

    Welcome to UU, Tim! There's lots to learn, and your previous experience playing other instruments will help. Depending on the instruments you already know, you might benefit from finger flexibility, undertanding rhythm, scales and chords, phrasing and so on. Enjoy learning, and I hope you can...
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    Beginner ukulele book suggestions

    This chord form is fantastic! The 2323 is C*, A*, and then some more: Eb*/D#* and Gb*/F#* as well. Any of the individual notes in the chord can be the diminished chord. THe shape also repeats every three frets up: 5656, 8989, 11 12 11 12 are also inversions of the A*, Eb*/D#*, Gb*/F#*, C*. This...
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    Season 562 - Poetry in Song
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    Season 562 - Poetry in Song

    French anonymous folk song from late 15th century. Edit: copied in a link to the lyrics: And the melody:
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    NUD: Early Birthday Present! Romero Creations Tiny Tenor in Koa

    Happy birthday, Ila! Congrats on your new uke. I'm sure we won't have to wait long for a sound sample.