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  • oops! sorry Ronin but i can't get to the mailbox with this ankle monitoring thingie i'm sportin. stop on by the house and i'll show you my nylon rope and ether collection though!
    I really enjoyed your concert at the outdoor stage of the Southern California Ukulele Festival in Cerritos, California last Saturday, Ronin. You drew in quite a large crowd. I can totally understand why you are a music teacher, now. Thanks for the awesome performance! Ric
    Ronin... I am working on my song... it is going to be epic I tell you! If I find time to do it!
    Hey Ronin, I just viewed your vid on the Canadian Ukuers Unite club space. Awesome. Really good.
    Hi Ronin,
    It seems like you were saying that hallelujah in a certain key was better for the male voice. I learned it in F. I also have it in C. But F seems to fit my voice better. Now back to what I was asking. What did you think was the better key for the male voice?

    Happy Birthday by the way!!! I have been talking to you all day and have yet to wish you happy birthday! I keep meaning too... but I always remember AFTER I send the message!!!
    I knew you celebrated yesterday. I didn't know your students were this evening. Thought they'd be afternoon-ish. I thought your evening would be free. Never mind. I may celebrate my birthday early or late, but once it's the day of I go for it as much as I can.
    What the hell are you doing here on your birthday night???? Go out and have fun. (if you want to) Happiest wishes for the rest of the day. Love. S.
    Thanks! You too.

    Funny thing is that "Dream On" was my second choice song for the contest. Your version is far better than what I would have been able to pull off. I may still record my version and put it up. I have a lot I want to share once I get over my camera anxiety.

    I don't know about you, but I made my song "the most annoying song in the world" here at my house. I learned so much by practicing and then by watching my own video failures.
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