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  • glad you checked out the madness at the leader board. Just jump in anytime, we're there everyday talking about anything. Jams go on most night....not so much on the weekends. nice to meet you too.
    No :D not me! But Germany, the country where I come from. So I wasn't the artist but a fan! :)
    Nice to see you here, too! Greetings from the eurovision song contest winner - Germany :) Just have to make a bit party today! :D
    Hello mate, I'm good, always nice to have another friend, catch you in the forums. Look forward to seeing your vids.
    This summer, mostly just decompressing, getting my horse back in show-shape, and working. When fall rolls around, I'm going to maybe start traveling a little bit, and then next fall, grad school. It's going to be a good time!
    well done! good song!

    it feels most excellent :) I am so ecstatic at being finished college!
    yay bike riding! that's pretty sweet about performing at the cabaret, what songs did you get to sing?

    I'm doing quite well, but two more pages on a paper stand between me and actually graduating college. after this paper is turned in by 2, I will be much better!

    Dang! Thats really good man, super nice pick of a song, and very neat Ukulele! sucks your had some problems but yeah man no problem, maybe you can return the favor sometime you are really a last minute guy just like you said haha thats funny, excited and nervous at the same time for the results that will be announced tomorrow I wish you luck Musicmonsterw. I wish everyone luck !
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