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  • My thanks is on the thread, but I dont mind saying it again because everytime I saw thanks I counts and adds up to how Thankful I really feel, it's funny because when me and my mom were watching this, she looked alot more nervous than I think I did, but I knew I was waaaaaaay more then she was, I really hope for the best for the other two winners too! You guys were UNBELIEVABLE

    :shaka: Shoepixie! & Labwestukester! :shaka:
    Thanks for hosting the contest! It was wonderful to see all of the creativity from so many people. Awesome way to inspire. I was excited about the opportunity to try and win an uke, but was blown away by the videos. Simply inspiring. Keep making those ukes.

    Thanks Again,

    Mark Cummings...markfromindiana aka. gonukecrazy
    I just have to say that you guys are awesome. The contest idea was great, and took me on a journey I ended up being quite thankful for, and left me with a piece of art I'm kinda proud of. All the ukes I've seen in vids that you built sound fantastic and look beautiful, I'm incredibly impressed. Your attitude toward making them, and making art is something I really respect. I hope this isn't too forward of me, I just wanted to let you guys know that you seem like prime examples of the general awesomeness of uke players. Thanks again for the contest, I'm so glad I coughed up the courage to do it.
    Thanks for hosting your contest. The good folks here on UU love a good contest to have fun with. Everyone is so encoraging to each other. Ukes bring out the best in people.
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