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    Kiss From a Rose by Kalei Gamiao on Koaloha Tenor

    Mahalo to Kalei for the tutorial and a very special mahalo to Lexxy for allowing me to play with the uke for two weeks before I fell in love with it before purchasing. The people on UU are awesome!!! Smellofstrings, here is another Kalei song.
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    The Unkwown by Kalei Gamiao on Koaloha Super Concert

    Did this song recently on my Islander tenor. Wanted to compare it to a Koaloha Super Concert (Concert Body with Tenor neck). I love tenors, but musicguymic give me an amazing deal so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Love the intonation and VOLUME, but I a missing the bell bassy tones of a tenor...
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    The Unknown by Kalei Gamiao on Glossed Islander Tenor

    Big mahalo and a bigger apology to Kalei for the song and Dominator for the tutorial. I tried... It sure was fun though!
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    "My Heart Will Go On" (Kamaka Tenor)

    Thanks Aldrine and UU for the tutorial. I'm playing on an absolutely flamed custom kamaka. Curl of the wood is on the back, front, sides and even head stock.
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    Me and Shirley T cover and a Hawaiian Sunset on Kanile'a Islander MT-4

    Would you believe I played this perfect all day, then at the moment of truth, with only one take possible, during the sunset, I dropped the camera, rushed and made choke mistakes.
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    Hotel California Cover on Kanile'a Tat Tenor

    Filipino, wearing a Mexican shirt, playing Hotel California, in Hawaii, on an ukulele. The irony...
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    Human Nature Cover on Kanile'a Ukuleles

    Mahalo to Aldrine for the tutorial! Played on an Islander MT-4 and U'la, my Kanile'a.
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    Europa Cover on Kanile'a Tat Tenor

    Europa by Santana. One of the classics. First song I learned on an uke. Forgot where I got the tabs/tutorial. Enjoy.
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    Close to you Cover (Kanile'a Tatt Tenor)

    Mahalo to Corey at HawaiiMusicSupply for the tutorial from their website.
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    Floaters Cover

    Mahalo to ItsAMeCasey for the tutorial. Played on U'la, my Kanile'a tatt.
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    Glossed Islander MT-4

    I bought an Islander and I love the sound. But the plain plywood needed some sprucing. Took A LOT of elbow grease and after three different bottles of polish here is what I got. The first two is without polish and the last are with. I tried to take a reflection of the calculator in the last one...
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    Kanile'a Tenor Comparison

    Here I am playing three Kanile'a ukuleles. The first is the Islander Solid Mohagany Tenor satin (MST-4), the second is a Kanile'a solid Koa gloss version (K1), and lastly my new Kanile'a Tattoo Tenor satin finish (Tat t). I wanted to see what differences I could hear when I played the same song.
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    Pono Comparison Video

    Here is a little video I made for myself to see/hear the difference between two solid mahogany Pono tenors. The lighter Pono is new and has the truss rod. It is also a delux version so it is gloss finished. The darker Pono is made without a trust rod so I assume it is when HMS was still in...
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    Kanilea Tattoo vids

    Anyone know of vids, sound reviews etc so I know if I want to drop money on this guy?