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  • Hey Natalie
    It still brings a smile to my face when I recall Build Me Up Buttercup at UWC.
    You really rocked the place and I really loved it!
    Hi Natalie! It's been 3 months since we talked... Carson Bailey here, lol. Good to see you again (in your Avatar) I'm wondering if you are entering the July Contest for Uke Uderground? Do You have a Rock song to Post? I'm going to transcribe one from my Acoustic guitar set... let it rip! Hit me back when you get the chance buddie. Carson Bailey ~peace2fingers~
    Hi there Natalie!
    I read some of your comments in that thread about the Amy curved-back uke, and you just seem fun and cool, someone I'd dig knowing. Wanted to introduce myself and make pals - do you put music up anywhere? I feel very silly that I can't recall exactly what it was in the thread that made me decide to write you, but something we have in common or...ha! Oh well. I'm sure it will be uncovered in time. Hullo, and well met! *waves*

    Definetly Congratulations Natalie... I'd like to find any of your youtube videos you have out there too... peace2fingers ~ Carson Bailey
    I was over on you Youtube page watching and enjoying the videos of the January Chug meeting.
    Thanks for making them!
    Friend request sent - my personal goal is to be a friend of everybody who spends ANY time at all in the Ahnko Honu threads!
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