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  • Beautiful song(Goodnight) Nat. Apparently it was going to be used to advertise Ovaltine (bedtime malt drink) but I think McCartney didn't go for it.
    Hi Nat, I love the Corgi pictures, thank you so much. I figured I would take this off line. I tried to copy and past pics but it didn't work. Give me your personal email and I can attach pics. I am about to leave work, not sure when I will be in front of my home computer but sometime in the next 24 hours I can send you pics. I just love the Cardigans. I have a breeder friend that specializes in the Blues.

    Anyway gotta clear of my desk and get the heck out of here

    Hey! I was just wondering were you got you Kiwaya K-wave Telecaster? I have been dying to get one but I can't find any!
    Thats awesome you have one of the LK1 Series. There are not that many out there. I personally own the only LK1-T in existence. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine.
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